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thunder storm?
thunder storm? -- Got an early start, the threat of rain forced to... (tapkoote)
Vortec L31/880 383 project (3)
Vortec L31/880 383 project (3) -- Luck finally came.. sort of. A friend said he had... (TASHAN)
Angle of the Dangle
Angle of the Dangle -- Got all level & set the angle. Had to cut... (slstusmc)
Need things to do.
Need things to do. -- Need to find New wheels and tires.... (PapaG)
Rear Armrests
Rear Armrests -- Both rear armrests got two layers of mat about 1... (redsdad)
158-24   A Wow Event
158-24 A Wow Event -- The next day's show was close by which is a... (46highboypu)
carid homepford parts storecustom hoods at carid.comperformance parts homeshop for powerstop brakes

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Vega Power Steering Box -- My neighbor wants power steering in his '40 Ford pickup and .has asked me to do the job. Currently, he's running a... (blwn31)
Fenders -- **************************************************************************** (gowser)
Richmond 5Spd Oil -- Hello. I have a 65 Corvette that I put a RG non-OD 5spd in and I have a Long shifter. It has always been hard to shift... (Sky65)
Arp perma loc rocker nuts -- Has anyone used the arp perma locks for stamped roller tip rockers? The rocker studs I have one work with self locking... (Chevy_14)
What Temps for Cylinders for 406? -- Hi, I just finished installing the Holley Terminator EFI system and the car is running really good but I am concerned... (cc82z-28)
Camair Ct30 plus vs devilbiss clean air system? -- Hello guys, I am looking to buy one of these to system for my body shop. This will be use only in the spray booth. I am... (Ballerbrian)

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Hot rodding the HEI distributor --
File:GM Performance pn 93440806 HEI distributor11.jpg|thumb|300px||GM Performance p/n 93440806 HEI distributor. This article deals primarily... (Cobalt327)
Cam and compression ratio compatibility -- Sometimes it's difficult trying to explain to fellows who are new to hot rodding that you have to match the characteristics of the camshaft to the... (Silver Surfer)
Working with chromed bolts -- When working with chromed bolts always use some white lithium grease on the threads to keep them from locking up or binding when tightening.If your... (Techinspector1)
General Motors transmissions -- First, a transmission is a way of applying torque from an engine through a differential to a wheel, causing forward (or reverse) motion of a... (Cobalt327)
Transmission identification -- This page is to acquaint people with the identification of popular North American transmissions based on pan shape, case outline, and OEM numbering.... (Cobalt327)
Frame swaps -- This subject comes up often and I originally wrote this wiki article for a rodder who wanted to improve the ride, braking and handling... (Techinspector1)

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(Ghetto Jet)
green plugs
green plugs
(Ghetto Jet)
Got around to upload a few pics
Got around to u
A gathering of toys
A gathering of
(john pistello)

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