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Reviewer: woodz428     December 09, 2007
Highly touted by the publications, but lacked integrity an honesty. Never delivered anything ,either on time or to original promises. We were one of the first dealers and had deposits on 6 cars, we demanded it back after 3 years of waiting and getting hollow promises. The coupe was a wretched piece of work and needed as much or more work than a 'glass car or an old rust bucket. Very pricey piece of junk. The convertible while a nice piece (made by ASC for them, they don't make anything), was never equipped as it was promised when they were ordered. They never informed anyone of any changes and we found out when the first one was drop shipped to a customer. I was of course put in the middle of an irate customer and a non comunicating company. They sold the units with integrated wipers in the roof. Never were on it and when finally able to contact them, they said they would be out in about 6 weeks and would be dropped shipped to the customer. 4 years later and it has still not happened. We made them take the crappy coupe body back and made them bring a convertible and our money back and severed all relation with them. When the convertible was shipped sans specified equipment and I was informed of the 6 week delay, I instructed them that we would take delivery of the remaining bodies once the wipers were developed. For months after that , I was called every few weeks to see if I was ready for the cars, from the same person that I had informed of the hold. Each time I said "Are the wipers developed yet?", the answer was of course no. They even suggested that I cut holes in the cowl to put some universal ones on. They didn't seem to comprehend that the practice they were using is referred to "bait and switch" in all other business...apparently not in the rod business though.
If you like sending your hard earned $$ to self serving ,greedy and uncommunitive people that can't recall what they said yeserday, this is the company for you. If you , on the other hand work hard for your $$ and expect to get what you have paid for and been promised, then steer clear. They apparently got so far behind financially, that Accurails, a frame company they enlisted has gone belly up. ASC no longer will produce their bodies and the '33 convertible they developed while stiffing customers is now owned by ASC and they are producing it. Every publication that wrote such flowing coverage should be ashamed of their lack of integrity for not doing a more thorough job of investigating before hand and not doing any follow up afterward. Shame on all of them.
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