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I had a bad experience with PVC in the house downstairs this winter, pressured line that had a sudden jarring due to threads on a plastic filter head housing sheering off right in front of me and the PVC snapped like a pretzel in three spots on the manifold I had made years ago out of 3/4 diameter. Had it been air in the lines, oh that would be bad news as water is fairly non compressible. I went back to 3/4 copper ... tried and true.

Of course that isn't an air line but have thought of doing some plumbing in the stand alone shop but haven't yet. I would be tempted to go with L series copper and 3/4 inch simply to keep the velocity of the air slower, more surface area on the pipe to cool the air and have a riser off the compressor that goes up the wall to the roof and then back down before entering a water separator filter and regulator after that .. one idea anyway. As its said, a filter just after the compressor allows hot compressed air to pass right on through and carry most of the moisture with it rather then cooling it first to condense it, then having a combination of a water trap first, and filter etc after that. Florida, oh I can only imagine the moisture issues with 200 % humidity ... or it sure felt like it to me even in the winter once evening came !.
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