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Originally Posted by Rick WI
I can't say I ever notice a difference on mileage in the past with 10% ethanol versus 100% gasoline.

X, China consumes about 5.5 million barrels a day of oil. The US is a tic over 20 million. The US consumes 25% of the world energy supply. WE are the ones that need to change our ways.

And WE WILL change our ways, very soon.

The forecast made in October 2004 for China's rate of consumption to reduce did not come to pass, and in fact continues to increase.

Actually China consumption was 6.39 million in 2004 and expected to exceed 7 million per day in 2006.

Commie China is the # 2 oil consumer in the world today and forecast to exceed the USA in oil consumption by 2014 (8 years), at current rates. (think about that, seriously)

China is buying wood, steel, and oil, (etc) at record rates and prices to fuel their economy and paying for it using the USA money we send them at $ 50 BILLION dollars deficite each month.

People complain about the IRAQI WAR cost...... look at the money we send our enemy China every month because Mable shops at Wally World while her husband is working for $ 7 hr because his $ 20 hr job went to China or Mexico.

If Iran, Iraq, Saudi, the Muslims, and Commie China solely controlled 75 % of the world's known oil reserves do you think that they would let us buy oil for $ 5 barrel so we could have cheap gasoline?

Go to google and plug in "china oil consumption".

The world is doing 80 million barrels per day NOW.

A quote from

"Research by China's Ministry of Communications on marine oil transportation predicted that the country would import 100 million tons of crude oil in 2005, 150 million tons in 2010 and in 2020 the number would soar to 250 to 300 million."

Picture this..... Commie China and The USA,
EACH consuming 22 million barrels of oil per day......

Oh ya,,,,, and turn off that light.

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