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Originally Posted by MouseFink View Post
Octane boosters are snake oil. With that high of a compression ratio, you will need 100% VP-110 octane racing fuel.

E-85 will not work for you. E-85 is equal to 100 octane but only if the fuel delivery system is twice as rich than used with pure petroleum based gasoline. That is because alcohol has a cooling effect and less heat release (energy per volume) in order to reduce detonation but only if it is rich enough. That is why E-85 has a false economic value and is not in general use.

The production of E-85 as a fuel is just to make the corn farmers happy by giving them another market for their product. About 80% of corn production is used to make chicken feed for all the chickens used by "The Colonel" and other fast food establishments.
What?? A lot of race cars run e85. It does not get as good a milage as regular pump gas but its also not twice as bad. That is more of a alky motor ratio.

You can buy race and street carbs setup for e85. But with 13:1 compression the cam will need to be pretty big as well. If your buying heads as well. why not just get a street car style engine and save the race motor for when you need it or sell it to pay for the street motor.

Sounds like you have a complete race engine. To change it all back to stock or close to stock will cost more than a good low mile 350 from the junk yard or internet.

Octane boosters sold in the stores are just for when your engine runs fine on normal days but gets a slight knock when its hot out. Octane booster can help in those situations. But with 13:1 you got a long way to go before its going to be right.

Yes you can buy the chemicals to raise the octane of gasoline. I will knock explain how it is done since you cant test if its right so its best to buy gas from the pump at the track. I can tell you I know someone that drives a crazy boosted engine on the street with 87 octane and a gallon of "....." that allows the 87 octane to run better than 104 from the race track. But its not safe or smart so I am going to skip the chem names and proceedure.

Best to get a cheap street motor that is already setup for the street. If you just take compression out of the engine all the other parts will be out of whack and run poorly.
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