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DragLinkscc 10-16-2002 02:00 PM

143 fake care post and none!
this is rather lame folks. you guys can post 143 fake photo shop wet dream pics but none of the real deal?
The few who are on the ball. Im sorry for this post, but this is BS at the least.

Lets see what youve done or doing...not what you want your DREAM GUY! to build you :o

viking37 10-16-2002 02:28 PM

There isn't anything wrong with seeing what your car would look like before you bust out the saws-all and start hacking away is there? Or what ride height to have...or wheel/tire combo...or color..or.........

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slider in wa 10-16-2002 02:54 PM

We all are dreamers!!!! I appreciate the pix Viking. I do have some pix posted at the photo album. Of corse they are of my Harley trike project. I should post more there on my 57 p.u., and the 37 Plymoth projects.

4 Jaw Chuck 10-16-2002 03:16 PM

I thought they were rather creative? Since I am an avid user of Corel Draw myself I thought he showed some real skill. Lots of work to get this good. <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

dmorris1200 10-16-2002 03:17 PM

Yea this is a tuff one draglink. I wonder sometimes too. Even if I was only 17 or 18 and the best I could do would be a picture of me doing an oil change on my moms car, that's what I would have posted. Or if I didn't have a project or work in a garage I would take a picture of myself throwing a pair of brake pads on my wifes mini-van if that was the best I could do. To me that's just a way of saying "hi, this is who I am". I think it would be cool even for those too young or who can't afford a big project at the moment to just take a picture doing an oil change on your parents/girlfriend/boyfriend/ or your own daily driver and post it in an album to say "this is me folks!". Fake computer animated car pictures can be neat but put some reality in there also.

drgnwgn289 10-16-2002 06:08 PM

Ok, you want real?? I am 1400 miles away from my home and everything I've known for the past 18 years with my 54 Studebaker that was built in my garage. I have driven it here twice and gone back once. I live in a dorm and do all my wrenching in a non-covered asphalt parking lot. I have one two droor tool box that has every tool I own in it. I drove on one gear to Hobbs, New Mexico to get a new transmission and installed it in the dead of winter after my evening classes in a driveway (the winters in west Texas are a little harsher than the ones in Florida just to let you know). I think you need to consider the situations of others before you jump up in thier *****, not all of us live in Florida and have nice shops to do work in. Besides, how does this, in any way, harm you?? A few guys find something that they think is fun and you come in and ****** and moan about it. Don't you have something better to do with your time? I have never had a problem with you before, but you are out of line on this one.

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Madd Syntst 10-17-2002 06:03 AM

When you throw crap in a fan, evryone comes out stinking! The Stud Buster Wagon Master is right. It's kind of like your TV set. If ypou don't like whats on, change the channel!

DragLinkscc 10-17-2002 06:09 AM

Ok I can do that
see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manley 10-17-2002 06:32 AM

YOU can dish it out but you sure cant take it.
this is a great example,Why I dont spend much time here.
I am trying to build a 1950 chev coupe, big block,pro street car I have been working on it for over 3 years and getting real close now,it's A money thing if you know what I mean.
My point is when I come to this site I am looking for advise or to hear of someone else's experiences,NOT A BUNCH OF NEGATIVE <img src="graemlins/boxing.gif" border="0" alt="[boxing]" /> .

Manley 10-17-2002 06:38 AM

By the way
The real thing is, if you are realy interested? posted in the photo album

meanmachine666 10-17-2002 06:41 AM

drgnwgn289 I can agree with being broke down in hobbs N.M. in the middle of winter,I use to live in El Paso Tx.and broke down in hobbs in the middle of winter at about 1a.m. and the streets had already been rolled up.I was riding with a friend that did not even have tools in his car. Lucky me thought to pack a few.fixed the car but still froze my arse off doing so.
I am still in the planning stage on my projects and have not even broke out the tools yet.still thinking of how I want them to come out.
I have three to choose from but I am starting with a 1954 pontaic chieftain then I will worry about the 49 and 51 chevy trucks because they will be easier to do.

DragLinkscc 10-17-2002 06:54 AM

I can take it my friend. I can take it!


drgnwgn289 10-17-2002 07:56 AM

you wanna see some real car pictures, check out the Hot Rod of the Week

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