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That compressor is going to have a 100% duty cycle and it's meant to pretty much run continuously however it will get hot enough to keep the water in vapor form with very little condensing in those small tanks. The solution is something that should be utilized anyway regardless of the compressor and that means cooling the air so the water can condense and be removed before reaching the spray gun. There are several methods for doing this but the most popular is not going to be practical for a temporary setup, that would be 50' or more of metal piping with collection drops and a water separator. In your case you are going to have to improvise by doing things such as choosing a day to spray with relatively low humidity and maybe running the air through a cooler of some type before passing through a water separator as near as possible to the gun. What you need to do is cool the air as much as you can by whatever means you might have available so that the water will be in liquid form rather than a vapor as it enters the moisture separator, a desiccant filter may be all you would need depending on the amount of moisture in the air, obviously a cool dry day would be far less of a problem than a hot muggy day. Even with a big high volume compressor there is no safe way of just connecting a hose to the compressor and connecting the gun to the other end, it's successfully done all the time but it depends on several factors and it's always risky. The only safe way of avoiding water is to have proper cooling and separation methods in addition to whichever air supply you have.

BTW, I don't think I would attempt to do this with that big diesel jack hammer compressor!

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