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my51chevy 11-29-2006 06:56 PM

1934 pontiac wood kit?
Does anyone know anyone that makes wood kits for old pontiacs? My dad has a 1934 5 window coupe that doesn't have any wood in it. So we have no patterns to use. Any help in any direction would be helpful.

ajbcc2 12-06-2006 07:03 PM

wood kit..
can you get a ford kit and modify? I need a kit for a stude 5 window...If i cant find one then i am going to just make up some patterns with cardboard and start cutting my own...once i see a ford or chev and how theirs are i can make something similar. i am sure...Werent most gm cars similar?..pontiac , buick, chev? not sure just a thought..

my51chevy 12-06-2006 08:21 PM

Thats a great idea and I will let my Father know. Thanks for the idea

pasadenahotrod 12-07-2006 10:20 AM

Replace the wood with steel tubing.
There is no such thing as similarity in a wood kit except that it is made from wood. Every make had their own dimensions, bends tweaks and turns. You just cannot modify a wood kit from a Ford or Chevy to fit a Studebaker or a Hupmobile or an Oldsmobile or a Conestoga Wagon. Wood doesn't modify well, know what I mean Vern?

There have been several comprehensive, well illustrated articles in rod mags in the last few years showing how the steel tubing is installed in a previously wood-structured car body. Get them, read them, and visit the steel yard. Save yourselves a bunch of money (oak and ash aren't cheap) and a big sackful of aggravation.

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