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Conrad_AZ 04-21-2012 10:14 AM

1940 Ford Modular Engine Swap
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I just picked up a '40 Deluxe Convertible project - stock frame, front & rear suspension, no engine or trans. Body very straight with all the trim and stock bits and pieces.

My build target is a restomod type, stock body and paint, wide whites etc, with IFS rack & pinion and parallel leaf rear - 9" and since it will be a driver I want a late model computer controlled FI engine and overdrive transmission. I have seen several LS1,3 & even a 7 with 4L80E transmissions swaps in 40's that look very good. Nice fit etc.

However, I would really like to put a Ford in it.

I would like a 5.4 DOHC with an AOD-E or the new Boss 302, but I really dont think there is enough room between the inner fender panels to accomadate the wide valve covers of the DOHC. I have seen a couple of '40's with 392 Hemis that "just" fit maybe 1/4" clearance on each side. A friend of mine put a 4.6 DOHC in his Model A told me that the 4.6 was about 3 1/2 wider than a 392...

So, has anyone seen or ideally done a 4.6/5.4 3 valve SOHC engine in a 40? The nice thing about the 3 valve was that it was used in almost all of the 150 trucks and SUVs so it should be fairly easy to find a reasonably priced low milage donor.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions - about the only thing I wont consider is a flathead - been there, done that - didnt have a great time...

OneMoreTime 04-21-2012 10:40 AM

Some things do come to mind for this project..The ranger rear end springs and all will do for the rear..for the engine measure up a 4.6 as I have seen several of those installed into the early models..With the ifs swap you will not need to clear the wishbones however if it were mine to do I would split the wishbones and use the Ford axle with a 4" drop..those work just fine and a lot of guys go for the ifs just because..just food fro thought..


Conrad_AZ 04-21-2012 05:51 PM

I have a 4 bar setup and 4" dropped tube axle on my 39 sedan and I have to say that it handles and rides very well, I am considering the R&P IFS setup to get a front steer setup. I am using a 605 box in my 39 with a SBC and the exhaust cooks the seals in the 605 to where I have to rebuild it every 25K miles or so.

After looking at a few more stock modular exhaust setups I might be able to get away with having a rear steer setup. It would save a ton of money and work if I could go with a 4" dropped axle.

I found some measurements for the 4.6 & 5.4 DOHC engines today and the 4.6 maybe narrow enough for me to juggle it in without butchering the firewall.

Conrad_AZ 04-21-2012 05:53 PM

Oh and it turns out that my friend with the Model A had a 5.4 DOHC, which is a fair amount wider.

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