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xtra 12-18-2012 07:25 AM

1947 pickup- 85 ranger frame long box.
hey fellow rodders, so im fairly new to the rodding game, ive built afew 4x4s one street truck, and a few bikes over the yrs and have decided to finaly start assembling/choping and Rodding out my 1947 ford pickup. due to the lack of aftermartek metal body parts avaible, ill be building this one fenderless with an almost RAT ROD look but with paint and clean body work. with the 85 ranger frame a 114" wheel base, should be a good fit im aware of how ugly the front suspension is. i plan on rebuilding the upper spring mounts as a almost baja style hoop, please note that the front rad support will be intergrated in to the upper spring mounts for add support. An ill probly end up fabing my own trailing arms? might not have that rite, but the ugly *** arms that conect the I-beams to the frame at the back side of the i beams. but any ways im thinking of making them longer and cleaner. is this going to throw my front suspension out of whack? my thoughs are that it will change some of the goemetry a little bit but if made correctly, and keeping the I-Beams located in the proper place should still handle like the ranger any thoughts?

tony@roadstershop 12-19-2012 09:40 AM

If it were me..... and I was going to do that much work, I surely wouldnt use a twin I beam. If your factory chassis is in relatively descent shape, I would use that, four link it and put a crossmember in the front.

timothale 12-19-2012 09:53 AM

lakester nose
Our 46 had a lot of front end damage so my son took off the front fenders cut the front half off then turned them around and butted them together trimmed and welded together to make a lakester nose. Pict too big to load

timothale 12-19-2012 09:57 AM

eBook I beams
Check out the eBook at the top of the page, Cboy has used f150 I beams on a couple of his builds, and got rid of the big coil spring mounts, and a chevy v8 is easier than a ford small block swap.

xtra 12-19-2012 05:34 PM

Hey thanks for the advice guys. I did a quick thumb threw the ebook it's got alot of good content and will come in handy for sure. As for the stock chassis I havnt got a good look at it but the truck has been siting on the drums in the dirt in northern Alberta for the better part of 30 yrs. I kind of wrote if off already not many survive that it's soft dirt and lots of moister. Plus do you think that if the stock chassis is any good it could handle the weight and power Of a big block. I'll running a 390 with c6 behind it. Me and a friend cramed a 460 into a short bed in high school wasn't to bad to get in. Snaky as hell though. But I woul love to the pics of your fender splice q_6971@ hotmail .com if you wouldn't mind sending them. I currently have a 32 grille shell and grille, reman steel, to mate to the front. But as you all probly know plans change as things come toghther and apart! Thanks again guys stay awesome!!

timothale 12-19-2012 07:23 PM

I tried 3 times but keep getting error mesage, no Email for q_6971@ hotmail .com

xtra 12-19-2012 09:02 PM

Sorry bud you have take the spaces out of the i put them in to keep the spam Bots down.

xtra 12-24-2012 12:40 PM

so i have an update! you fellas have talked me out of using the ranger frame. i just aquired a donor truck its a 47 1 ton. im not to sure how much work is needed, or if its workable, to the frame on my 47 half ton. but i figured that between the 2 i should be able to make one solid frame. other than the one ton frame being physicaly longer and heavyer, with larger axles and stiffer suspension. would it be at all work able to drop it to a half ton. thinkin twin ibeam from a 75 half ton and ford 9inch. what are your thoughts? or should i just try for another half ton frame? any help would be grate just remeber i want to put a 390 big block in this thing.

tony@roadstershop 12-27-2012 01:32 PM

In my opinion a twin I beam is best suited on the down side of an anchor chain. Its just not that good of a design. Take the one ton chassis, shorten to fit your shortbox, get a good design replacment aftermarket crossmember, put a four link in the back and call it a day :)

1971BB427 12-27-2012 02:13 PM

Unless you're dead set on keeping it all Ford, I'd pick up a inexpensive S10 frame. I believe your '47 has about a 110" wheelbase, and the S10 comes in either 108", 117", or 122". It also has a nicer front suspension for a rod, and they are plentiful and cheap!
I've known a few people who used them on post WWII Ford trucks and said the frame contours fit good. Most paid around $200 for a complete frame with suspension, and no engine or trans. Might even find a private party wrecking one out, and get it cheaper, and sell off what you wont use.

xtra 12-27-2012 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by tony@roadstershop (Post 1627618)
In my opinion a twin I beam is best suited on the down side of an anchor chain. Its just not that good of a design. Take the one ton chassis, shorten to fit your shortbox, get a good design replacment aftermarket crossmember, put a four link in the back and call it a day :)

Thanks for advice guys, i know alot you dont like the twin ibeam i dont have any issues with it, ive ran them for yrs n between the twin ibeam and the s10, i would take the the twin ibeam hands down for the ablitly to take a **** kickin and only require minor repairs, but when it comes to keeping things simple i dont see the s10 frame to any advantage over the ranger frame , looks aside, other than the 7ft box reg cab ranger frame has almost the identical wheel base (114") to the 1947 half ton which i looked up and found to be stated at 114". but tony makes a good point of the 1 ton frame and cut it to fit. unfortantly im working still , just over 38 days now, and havent had a chance to really get into any thing. but as for what 1971BB427 was saying about the s10 frame from what i have found its almost as much work as fabing your own frame as to convert the s10 frame and a 1947 cab and box to fit properly on the s10 frame, that being said i do want to keep this truck a all ford parts for the most part. Im one of those guys who sees a beauty ford that has been, in my opinion only, massacured to fit a Gm frame and then put a Gm heart in it. everyone says its easyeir for the gm small block conversion and the s10 frame is easeir to use. i beg to differ the parts aren't as readily availbe which makes it a bit harder, but other than that you have to change out very simular parts to work a gm in as to work a ford in. and lets be honest guys if we were looking for easy we would just find one some one has done an buy it!

1971BB427 12-27-2012 03:02 PM

As much as I love Chevys, I wasn't inferring you use Chevy power in your Ford! Not sure who told you the S10 frame was a poor fit, as those I know who've done it all said it was a great fit. But as I also said, if you want to keep it all Ford, then ignore what I suggested.

timothale 12-28-2012 06:55 AM

twin I beam
Twin I beams work ok as long as you run the load on the truck the same as the alignment. The problem I had was on my 85 one ton the previous owner had it set with a huge cab over camper. I had and alignment done with minimum load since I pulled heavy loads in my big trailer. If you want to stay all ford you can check the Ford truck forums for using a Ford aerostar mini van front crosmember or an later Crown Vick crosmember front suspensions. or since Ford owned Jaguar for a while a Jag xj6 crosmember suspension swap and even mabe the Jag rear Irs.

xtra 12-28-2012 05:44 PM

so after lots of research and looking up pics iv come to the conclusion that ill stick with the one ton frame i have just aquired and mod it to work to my liking. as far as the front end goes ill have to run with the solid axle up front and suicide it, with the spring over. theres lots of parts out for the solid axle and i love how it completes a rod thats fender less. it wont ride that good but if its any worse then my one ton dodge in -40 c on an uplowed back road then ill take action from there. now i just have to swindel a day off to make it back home an get nutz deep into this proj.

thanks again folks for all the help

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