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tthomton 08-23-2004 07:37 PM

1947 v 1948 chev?
I am looking at a vintage bucket of bolts Chev pick-up that has 49? written on the windshield. The gas fill is on the right side of the bed, if my searching is right this would make it a 47 or 48, can anyone tell me how to figure out which? The vin plate is unreadable.

Call me the rookie in training pants!!!

Dave E Shank 08-24-2004 11:51 AM

HEY TT: I just sold a 1948 Chevy pickup. It had the gas filler on the passenger side. The fuel tank was under the bed. I was told that 47 & 48 were the only Advance Design chevy's with fuel tank under the bed?? I hope this helps......DAVE

ChevyNewb 09-13-2004 07:36 PM

Its definately either a 47 or 48...

In mid 1947, GM introduced this new design truck. Gas tank is mounted under the bed & fills through the hole in passenger bed side. Bed contains 9 boards. Wiper motor mounts underdash. Three speed transmission uses floor shift. One piece door glass, not vent windows in door. Windshield is 2 piece, non-movable type. Windlace around door opening is held in place with screw-on metal retainer. Headliner center bow is screwed to roof of cab. Hood side emblem says CHEVROLET & THRIFTMASTER. Shock absorbers are lever-action type. Serial #'s, EP 1/2 ton, ER 3/4 ton, ES 1 ton, etc...

1948 - Similar to Late 1947. Three speed transmission now uses column shift linkage. Serial #'s, FP 1/2 ton, FR 3/4 ton, FS 1 ton, etc...
Early 49 - Similar to earlier trucks, except gas tank is now located behind seat inside of cab. Serial #'s, GP 1/2 ton, GR 3/4 ton, GS 1 ton, etc...

(all info above is from

Is it a 5 window or a 3 window? Im currently lookin for a 5 window to restore...

Good Luck and hope this helps.

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