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Johny Nitro 03-05-2012 11:51 PM

1948 Chevy Pickup
Hi there guys, Building my first classic hot rod.
the car i bought is a 1948 chevy Pickup, the people i bought it from have been working on it for the past two years.
i need some advise, the entire chassis, motor, suspension and braking system has been fully restored and rebuilt. it has the origional straight six motor.
i am wanting to rod the truck and want to put independant A arm front and a four link rear as well as a 427 Ls motor.

it just seems a sin to ruin an origional chassis and motor like that that is 100% complete. would there be an option on selling this chassis with full drive train and motor, suspension, wheels ect.
i was just thinking im sure there are guys out there who would like to build an origional truck and would like these parts?

or should i just modify the chassis that i have and fit the suspension that i want to put in to this chassis?

would appreciate any information i could get.

ringerone 03-07-2012 09:24 AM

Just some options...
Is this a "hot rod" or a daily driver? Power performance or just a cool running pickup. Pick the best engine and don't overlook the "excentric' extras like the decision to modify the front clip....I installed a Jaguar front clip into my 57 GMC for about $600....but it took some time and it was fun to build. Rides like a dream.....327 V8, 700R4, Ford 8.8 RE, PS, PB and A/C. Bucket seats from a Honda which are very confortable and a floor shift in the consol...just a daily driver.

This is your truck...make it yours! You can do either item mentioned as long as "you" are glad with the decision. Just for the fun of it, decide on your options...leave all options available until you decide what you are going to do. Then have a great time building your truck just for you!

Johny Nitro 03-07-2012 11:29 PM

Thanks mate for your feedback,
yes im building it as a weekend drivers car, just wanting the car to drive well, have good power but be comfortable enough and reliable enough that if and when i want to take a country drive i can.

i have a Jaguar front suspension which came with the truck, all i need to do is fit it, i also have the jaguar rear but apparently the guys tell me that they dont think it will handle any serious horsepower so rathe i should opt for a ford 9" rear, but they ae very difficult to find here in South Africa.

been looking at a a few options of importing a four link rear from the states as well as a few other items i am going to need from the states.
i have both the 48 front and the 54 front and i think im going to build the truck with the 54 front as i like the style of it, just need to import a new grill as the one i have is fine for paint but dont think i can get it cleaned up right fo chrome.

so many options...............
i would appreciate any idvise i can et from you as you have done what im about to, and im sure have learned so much along the way.
if you have any tips and pick of your truck, would love to see them.
take care

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