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Originally Posted by boyzntoyz
I'm take the body off the chassis in order to build a rod. What's the right frame, suspension, etc. for this type of project? Want this thing to look old, but sitting low with all modern amenities.
I've heard Art Morrison, but also heard their darn expensive. Other options?
Copy and pasted from the many other "Frame swap" threads...

Hi, my name is Brian aka MARTINSR I am the resident frame "swap" hater.

The STOCK frame is the BEST frame under your truck. I own one of those trucks by the way. I have seen them in every way imaginable.

There is NO SUCH THING as a "swap", it takes a LOT of modifications, a LOT. Can it be pulled off, yes, with a LOT of skill and time. Most "frame swaps" look like a piece of crap and the car is largely ruined.

Frame "swaps" are really "money swaps", "time swaps" and "work swaps". If the same amount of money, time and work were put into your original frame you would have a MUCH more desirable outcome and have a 1950 Chevy with a real identity.

Start looking and you will see PILES, ZILLIONS of kits for both front and rear of your Chevy.

Before you take a torch to that beautiful truck, spend a LOT of time learning about it and you will very likely forget about the "frame swaps".

The "Frame swap" is largely a trend, is it "possible" to do it well, of course there are a few guys on this site who are very talented fabricators and have done nice jobs. But to think that it is "the thing to do" or you are "saving money" or "saving time" it is simply a foolish thought. You COULD save money in some ways but just looking at the odds of all the frame swaps I have seen it is a looser and you are better off updating your original frame.

OR, how about not doing much mods if any? What are your expectations? Do you want a replacement for a late model car you are driving today and want it to drive exactly the same? Are you making a weekend warrior? If you are, why does it need to drive like a new car, would driving like a 60 year old car be more what you are after? Have you driven one of these trucks set up properly with all the original suspension? They drive real nice, do they drive like a new truck, no, but is that what you want?

I drive a 50 year old car every day and love it. I had driven a 45 year old car for a number of years and thought I needed more "comfort" so I sold it and bought a late model car. I soon found out that it wasn't any fun and driving it to work was just another commute. I recently got my 50 year I bought as a daily driver on the road and LOVE driving it everyday. Maybe this is what you would like?

Think about it long and hard before you make any big changes, you may be making a change you really don't even want just because someone told you it was the thing to do.

I have a co-worker who has one of these trucks that had a dropped axle on the front and lowering blocks on the rear. It drove VERY nice, it had the little inline 235 six cyl and was just a sweet truck. It had an oil leak and he was talked into putting a small block in it. And you couldn't have that without IRS and a new rear and on and on. He now has a so-so truck without the character it use to have. He has fought and fought with over heating problems, brake problems, and is tired of it and now looking to sell it for another OLD car. No kidding, honest, he has realized that he wanted an OLD car and now he doesn't have one, only troubles. He hasn't came out and told me he should have listened to me, but he has come close. He was talking to the owner of the shop the other day about buying one of his original old cars he has.


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