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Originally Posted by NEW INTERIORS
Well Brian... I have to say ..I say nothing was ever done to a Original suspension that ever made me think of ever doing it.. I do know you can make it ride a little better,, But no where close to a Mustang II or a clip... When I did mine I think 20 years ago.. It drove like nothing I can explain... The truck didn't lean over when you made a turn,, It was bad a**... I will never own a Original one.... NEVER !!! All he has to do before he cut's anything is ride in one that was done and one that wasn't... I can already tell you which one he will pick... I'm not as old as you Brian.. But I have been doing this for a long time now.. And I can say... YOU are the only one I ever ran across that has something to say bad about them... I'm with you 100% on a frame swap.. But not on the Mustang II or the ''RIGHT'' clip.. That's all..

When I hear someone say they don't like the ride they got from their clip job... It only makes me think something was done wrong when it was installed.. I never heard anyone ever say I wish I would have never done that to my truck... Never... Just you Brian..

By all means I'm not trying to call you out Brain.. Just trying to figure you out.. That's all..
You are thinking about this way too much. I did a frame clip personally that I never drove. So I am not saying nor have I ever said that it didn't drive as good as I expected or it drove too good and ruined the cool rattling my fillings out of my teeth that I loved so much. What I did was installed a clip, my first one like many people who ask about them. The difference was I had a lot of experience in fab and had done many engine swaps and frame off builds and what not. So I figure I have a leg up on other "first timers" as far as I have done one, but with some experience that should have made it pretty easy. It was NOT easy, and after the experience I learned that it is not the way to go when I saw what I had to do to my inner fender, rad support and bumper mounting. It made no sense to me after I sat back and looked at it. I drove my co-workers truck and it drove in my opinion like a 15 year old S-10, and that was good enough for me. I decided I didn't want to further ruin my truck and I didn't want to have to be limited on the wheel size being the Camaro clip was too wide, I didn't want the tires hitting the fenders, I didn't want to have to go to a cross flow rad, I didn't want to spend any more time on it when that stock but nice lowered truck drove so nice.

Like I have said before, you are EXTREMELY talented and don't give yourself the credit you should. What you can do most only dream of. It's like Eric Clapton telling me who dabbles in guitar to go up on stage and play a solo with him. Telling someone to cut their frame in half and install a clip is like Clapton telling me to jump up on stage. And that is going to leave me terribly discouraged and wishing I had just dreamt about playing on stage instead of actually doing it.

It's like stripping paint from a car, I will preach and preach to newbes DON'T TO IT. Not because it can't be done, hell I can do it with my eyes closed. I can then shoot it with epoxy primer, in a heart beat, set up the gun in my sleep. But the newbe, he is in for some BIG trouble stripping his car down to bare metal and not getting it back into primer for months, BIG trouble and it can ruin a guys spirit, it can knock him right out of this hobby. Just because it comes as easy as putting on my shoes to me doesn't mean I am going to recommend others to do it.

This is why I make it clear in my don't do the frame swap talk. I clearly state that the poster needs to find out for himself is it really what he wants. Personally, I can get in my wifes car and drive something with AC and power discs and go out and hit a hundred down the freeway. My personally car doesn't need all those things and I am THRILLED like you can't believe to be out of my hot rod Ford SHO that handles like sports car. I just like the feeling of driving an old car. That is my opinion and I want to be sure the poster is clear on what he wants because cutting the frame in half is a BIG dedication to a project.

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