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jmsaunders 06-22-2012 09:40 PM

1954 Chevy 3100 rear suspension questions
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I'm working on the rear suspension for my 54 (3100) Chevy truck and need to lower the rear end. I've already lowered the front with 2 1/2" drop spindles and like where it sits. It currently has 8 leaves in each leaf pack. My intent is to build a safe daily driver that I can be proud to ride down the road with my wife in or toss the keys to friend and not worry about there being 'safety' issues.

I've been told that I can just have some of the leaves removed, have them re-arched and add lowering blocks if needed to get the rake that I want. However, my concern is that I've heard that since I no longer have a torque tube rear end I run the chance of having axle wrap :pain: . (mind you it's a pretty stock 350/350 combo in the truck with an engine I pulled from a van so at best it has a rv cam).

If that's an issue then I'd rather spend the money and get a multi-leaf conversion kit like this one from cpp

Or is it possible to swap out my rear hanger and run 2 1/2 springs that I pick up from a local pick and pull? It still sits on the original frame (in the rear at least 75 Nove front sub frame). So not sure if this is possible with minimum fab skills or an idea that just looks easier than it actually is.

yes I know that I can 4-link it instead but I'm building a daily driver and don't plan to run air in the back. (plans to hopefully add bags to the front next year)

I'm also open to ideas to hear how others would tackle the rear suspension.
pic is of where the front currently sits, just a lil bit over the tire.

bullheimer 06-23-2012 04:13 PM

getting rid of the whole 8 pack would be a step in the right direction. replace with new (@$100 a pop) springs from your local yokal, have them do the measuring and guess the wgt of your rear half. maybe if you buy the springs fro them they will install for cheap.

or even cheaper.
you can just remove one at a time till you get the ride hgt right and see if you can live with the stiffness, or lack thereof. i think i'd take out the three shortest ones off the bottom for a start, unless you have to keep the very bottom one because of a peg or something.

hangers or shackles are an easy fix too.

this guys post might be of some help too:

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