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EazyDuzIt102 03-28-2004 09:26 PM

1965 Impala Front End Suspension Problem
Hey everyone.Ok here is what happened.I bought my 65 Impala about 2 years ago.When I got it,I noticed that the front end was sitting really low to the ground.It was way lower than the stock height.The shocks were trashed and the springs were really weak.So I went and ordered new springs for the front end.I have a 327 Small Block in my Impala.When I ordered the new springs,they asked me what size engine I had.So I told him I had a 327 Small Block.They ordered the wrong springs and ended up selling me the BIG block springs.So I had the new springs put in and now my front end is sitting WAY TOO HIGH.The springs are so strong because they are made for a Big Block engine.So I dont wanna bring the car back in and pay another 250$ to get them to take out these springs and put in small block springs.So my question is,Can I heat up the springs that I got in the Impala right now?I talked to a couple of guys allready and they said I could Heat Up The Springs and that will weaken them and that should drop the front end back down.I cant get the wheels aligned now because the Suspension is maxed out and there is no room to put shims.Thanks,


jimfulco 03-29-2004 12:21 AM

Heat can mess up the springs. I bought some Nova springs (same part # as the old ones) from GM a few years ago & they sent big-block springs (for a small-block car). Said the part # was superceded. Yep it sat too high. The local spring shop torched them & got it down to the right height. Within a few months, they had sagged & dropped it down another 1-1/2" or so. Did the shop that did the work order the springs? If so, they should fix it and not charge you.

adtkart 03-29-2004 05:52 PM

Like Jim said. Heating the springs is the wrong way to go about it. Heating the springs will make them just coils of round steel. The heat will take the spring out of them.

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