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Originally Posted by Jdmoell View Post
New to the site with stupid questions...I have a 1966 pontiac bonneville that I have owned now for 26 years. Can finally afford to do a few mods...the engine is bone stock idea on heads or year 72-76 from some donor pontiac in Alaska.

will be a daily driver and family car and very basic horsing around in...

I am wondering if this hair-brained scheme of mine is sound:

Looking to add kit from e-bay:

995-16 Valve Springs
740-16 Retainers
611-16 Valve Locks
503-16 Valve Seals
7775-16 Hi Tech Pushrods
Assembly Lube

the specs on the cam are:

NUMBER 51-600-9

Valve Setting in/ex hyd
Range 1700-5500

Cam Grind
Number 283THR7

adv: in 283
ex 303

@.050": in 227
ex 241

Valve Lift @ 1.5:1
in .513
ex .498

Lobe Sep.
Angle 107

Also looking to add:

Dual quad set up, idle to 5500rpms, dual 600cfm manual choke carbs with universal linkage.

Just wondering if this is reasonable to do...not looking to do any major machine work. This engine has 5000 miles on it and runs smooth on 89 octane...sluggish yes but smooth. Please advise. Thank you
That's a classy ride. IMO you'd be doing it and yourself a disservice by turning it into a fender slapping rough idling 'hot rod'. That said, you can certainly use enough cam in the 455 (something in the 230-234 degrees @ 0.050" lift duration along w/a 108 degree LSA) to get all the idle you could ever want- w/o killing the best part of the Pontiac engine- its bottom end torque. A cam in that area will not require a high stall torque converter and will run fine w/2.73-3.55 gears (I used 3.31 gears behind a 455 in a Camaro and LOVED them).

That car would do great with the 455 in it and along w/the 6X heads- especially if they're the 6X-4 heads (the "dash-4" is a "secondary" identifier, explained here). The 6X-4 heads have a smaller combustion chamber so the compression w/a 455 will be better than if you were to use a 455 head w/their larger chambers.

I agree a single 4 bbl like the Q-jet will work great- but if you're bound to put dual fours on it, go for it- just be prepared for the tuning and possible loss of performance. Get rid of the points distributor. I like and use the GM HEI but the HEI won't fit using some dual four intakes. You can use a points eliminator kit in the stock points-type distributor if it's in good shape.

If it was me, I'd drive it w/the 400 until the 455 was built. And while accumulating the parts to do the 455, I would be doing some heavy researching of the Pontiac engine in general. It's not a Chebby, so much of what you read won't apply to the Pontiac.

Some info to get you started:

Pontiac info and sites
Pontiac V8 engine
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