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KGRIFF 11-11-2007 12:33 PM

1967 Chevy truck title
I was looking at a 1967 chevy pickup a guy I know has he has had the truck for about 15 years or better. I spoke to him about buying it he said he bought it at an auction and doesnt have a title. My question is.. were titles even issued in Arizona in 1967(the truck is now in Pa).

Henry Highrise 11-11-2007 03:36 PM

Best to check with your DMV...maybe a lost title could be applied for or something.

oldsmobilekindofguy 11-11-2007 06:00 PM

I would think so I got a 67 truck from South Dakota and it has a title

Brian_B 11-11-2007 06:30 PM

I would assume it has a title. My 56 does. It was originally titled in GA and then in TN when I got it. Now it has an AR title.

If he bought it at auction he should have some sort of Bill of sale to use to get the title.

Check with your local DMV on how to get the title. Do it the right way.

matt167 11-11-2007 07:41 PM

IDK.. most states do have titles 1973 or older but in cases like NY, they had transferrable reggies. you could prosess it in NY if you wanted and get it reg'd legally but you would need a PO box in NY. just have the previouse owner sign and fill out the correct forms. I did it w/ my 67 Falcon. I live in NY but having a NY mail box is the same diffrence.

KGRIFF 11-17-2007 02:24 PM

Vin numbers
I am trying to get a vehical history report for a 1967 chevy pick up I am looking at but they all seem to require 17 characters I only have 12. Does anyone know a source to get the info?

KGRIFF 11-17-2007 09:48 PM

I did some checking with the dmv here in Pa they told me if the vehical was ever registered in pa it had to have a title. The guy we bear hunting/deer hunting this week so I didnt get the chance to talk to him I went to the truck and it doent have a inspection sticker and the license plate only has a 1967 tag on it, I tried to do one of those car history reports but in doesnt have enough numbers in the vin for it to work. The lady at the dmv said it was illeagle for the auction to sell the vehical without a title I asked what is my recouse she said to find the executor of the estate and have them apply for a lost title which I will try but its been around 20 years since the sale so I would need to be lucky to get it done and if they dont respond they can be sued by the purchaser. I could try one of those lost title places but Ill need to ask if Pa accepts those or it can find another truck I could "transfer the parts" to that one. I just think its a shame to part out a truck with 50,000 miles on it I have a feeling if I dont buy it that is what the guy will do..

vettedreams2001 11-19-2007 07:01 AM

I was doing some history on my 53 when I came across, some great info on pre 73 chevys. We had to look it up by serial number on the door post and not the vin.

DanTwoLakes 11-20-2007 03:56 PM

The VIN numbers didn't go to 17 numbers until 1982 (I think). Before then, it's a real crap shoot to find info on your vehicle.

KGRIFF 11-20-2007 06:58 PM

I have found out a little more the truck was from california and was registered there till 1983 when it was last driven, it has 48000 miles on it which seems to be original. The guy who has it now bought it at an estate sale in 1984 with a bill of sale he said they told him california didnt issue truck titles in 1967 he never tried to title it. I have to research this a little but if this is true it seems I cant register it in Pa without a title or a bill of origen. So I seem to be stuck I want the truck but I I need to title it some how.

DanTwoLakes 11-21-2007 07:04 AM

Get ahold of the California DMV and find out if they'll give the present owner a duplicate title based on the VIN number. If it's still in their system somewhere you might be in luck.

Biggarmike 12-04-2007 01:33 PM

You missed on critical question for the PA DMV, ask them if it has ever been registered in PA, they can check by VIN. if not, you may be OK with the bill of sale from the auction, and a copy of the power of attorney to the executor of the estate. If never tagged in PA you likely can use the title service companies in Alabama. It is legal as long as you are not trying to erase a car's history or "fix" a gray title.

KGRIFF 12-04-2007 01:56 PM

I have done a bit more checking on it I spoke to california dmv they said the truck would have had a title when registerd in the state but it will not show up in their records because they clear them after 5 years of no registration if I sent certion paperwork in they said they will send me back confirmation the title does not exist in california records. She checked the vin and said it isnt in their system. I contacted padot and did asked if there is record of it they will not tell me unless I submit a noterized request on a form they have so I am doing that this afternoon I dont think it was registered in Pa the plate on it was put on by the currenty owner its meaningless just for looks. Pa has stated to me two times they will not issue a registration unless there is a title not a letter of title but a title. So if the title truely doesnt exist in Pa the truck basically has no title... I contacted my state rep and asked the questions they said I must contact the court of common pleas and go through the court system to have a new title originated. I contacted the court and they said you must have a lawyer pick up the form and handle the case. I doubt the truck is worth the purchase price plus the legal fees. I have a few more far fetch ideas to try but it is quickly becoming appearant why some people just switch the vins from a junk truck with a title.

alittle1 12-05-2007 11:01 AM

Check out this site on how to title a hot Rod.

forestrytodd 12-10-2007 06:46 AM

Here In GA if the truck is older than mid 70's then all you need is a bill of sale. I have a 53 GMC that I got a title for but I had to apply for it using the bill of sale. Just make sure that your bill of sale has the vin, milage, date, sellers name and address, your name and address, and then (here is the important part) the bill of sale must be witnessed and Notorized. that solves the problem.

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