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SexXxyStangChic 05-31-2004 02:34 PM

1967 Ford Mustang
Good evening, All!

I am new to this website, but I have a question! :sweat:

I have a 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe that is powered by a 351 Windsor engine....She is in good condition, but in need of a paint job....

I want to add some shelby body parts to her. What is a good website to check out the 'body kits' for a Shelby Mustang?


Rich_Long 06-01-2004 09:26 AM

ask around,

'77 Regal 06-01-2004 09:11 PM

Go For It

I think it would look cool with the Shelby tail lights, side scoops and maybe the hood. Have fun!

93_406cobra 06-01-2004 09:42 PM

Get all your parts from TONY BRANDA, I built a 65 fastback into a GT-350 a few years back and I got all my parts from them. They have evrything you need to do what you are looking for. Here's the web site.

fordguyfordman 06-04-2004 03:07 PM

re:body changes
hi there
You could the shelby look or you can also go for the california special look. They look similar.
Either way do what pleases you or you won't enjoy it. Isn't that what matters the most.

Ghetto Jet 06-04-2004 03:18 PM

It's up to you, it's your car. But I wouldn't put that stuff on a coupe, a fastback I would.

KULTULZ 06-04-2004 03:41 PM

The CALIFORNIA SPECIAL and HIGH COUNTRY SPECIAL were designs FORD was trying to take over marketing from SHELBY. I think they trimmed out nicely myself. It all depends on how far you go with and color choices.


Be advised that the C/S uses a special deck lid and quarter extensions and a factory hood (although there are GT-350/500 fiberglass repros that will fit a regular MUSTANG. Same with the rear lamps. There was a special fiberglass rear body panel that snapped over the factory rear body panel to mount either the TBIRD or COUGAR rear lamps.

meanroy 06-04-2004 07:47 PM

Re: 1967 Ford Mustang
You know, there are lots of places you can get stuff from, the ones mentioned by Rich_Long and 93_406cobra are both good,

Some others are:
Maier Racing

Mustangs Plus

National Parts Depot

The thing is I'm kind of a 'Purist' I guess.
If you put some of this stuff on, Make It Work

(Like when I put on the side scoops I bought the scoops from Maier Racing along with vent tube kits which direct the air onto the rear disks.)

The Calif. Special trip might be nice, but as KULTULZ noted the Deck Lid and extensions are necessary 'majors'.
I think all the parts are available though.
Thats the The_Good_News
The bad news is there are a lot of details and they'll end up costing a bunch.

Of course if you just want to dress it up a little, you can do as '77 Regal suggests.
You're still looking at some detail though. (Getting parts that fit, hardware, installation, etc)

So I guess the point is: Be sure to plan your project out ahead of time. Locate all the parts, figure out your budget, etc.

Your car sounds pretty nice, the 351 Windsor in mine came out of a '69 fastback.

If you want to make it go a little better there are Lots of not-too-expensive things you can do.
I can tell you putting the edelbrock heads on mine had the biggest effect!
You can pick up a set used if you shop around.

Good Luck with your project.

oldred 08-29-2005 11:12 AM

Hey it's your car if you want Shelby trim then GO FOR IT and don't let anyone talk you out of it because it's not "original". I have a 65(actually a 64-1/2) coupe done in GT 350 trim and I get more positive responses than negative. If you had a rare model with low mileage then maybe sticking to original might make sense but with a standard mustang what ever YOU want is what makes sense. I have the GT 350 scheme in red with white stripes, fuel injected 5.0 with T-5 five speed, non-standard p/s, p/b,a/c and suspension along with numerous interior modifications. If I had went "original" I would have a 6 cylinder car with am radio, manual steering, no brakes(well almost no brakes anyway) and 13" wheels all on a car that handled like a wagon but I STILL get people who try to tell me I made a big mistake! :)

rusty428cj 08-29-2005 12:41 PM

Go for it! I have a 68 Coupe that I flared the fenders alittle and will add 67 Shelby fiberglass. I'm still trying to decide if I want to use the Eleanor nose or Shelby. I will use the Shelby hood either way.

BondoKing 08-29-2005 01:50 PM

Always remember that custom is just that... custom.. do it your way, whatever you want and enjoy it when it is done... I would advise before you spray it, assemble all the parts on it and make sure everything is flowing the way you want it to etc... You may find you need to alter a part here or there to get the exact look you are after.... Best of luck and welcome to the board... It is the most informative board I have found with outstanding people


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