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Originally Posted by LATECH View Post
Upholster the seat and drive it. That car is a gas sipper and should stay that way. If you take it apart, it will die.
Its way cool the way it is, in such beautiful shape.
Hardly a scratch on it.
What you need is a 2 door duster body to start with or a 2 door dart.
Build THAT from the ground up instead.
If you start taking the green car apart, you will be walking to work. A lot.

Not trying to be flip and I sure dont want to discourage you, but it would be a waste of mony and a perfectly good car to do anything with the 4 door 68. I like the 68 as is.
It is so much easier to build a car from a bare body or get a deal on another project and start there. Plus you allready have a car to chase parts with.
No sir leave the green machine alone. Of course I would upholster the seat, tint the windows and put a blazin sound system in it, while you are getting things together for another car.
Keep posting and hanging around here. You can get advise on tint, upholstery, sound systems etc.
The 68 would be a good starter car as it doesnt need a buttload of stuff, and the experience you get will be useful for anything you do in the future. Welcome to LA Tech

There really isn't any good bodies or any car I want out here.
There was one Nova but was out of my price range.

Bah dumb keyboard posted it before I finished typing this.

Anywho, I won't be able to afford any of my big ideas for this car anytime soon anyway lol.
It'll give me time to think. I like sleepers, and thought this would be a nice one.

Ohyea can you put bucket seats in a 4 door 270? Someone said that the holes are drilled under the carpet and I just need to take out the bench seats.

But I can't find any information on them online, like dimensions.
The bucket seats aren't permanent, I just want something more comfortable to sit in while I reupholster the Bench seats.

I found some nice Tan ones from a Chevy Cobalt I think, for $40 for both of them. Pretty much brand new. And I need to know if the car can actually fit them, and if so what kind of mounts do I need to fit them into the Dodge.

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