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chevyman17 01-28-2003 09:22 AM

i have a 1969 pickup, and the cloth part on the bench seat is torn, but the hard viynl is in perect shape. i dont really want a to put a seat cover on. i was just thinking of covering the sqaure patch of cloththat is torn, with another peice of cloth. the interior is a saddle type color. what should i do, and how would you sew the cloth in the sqaure..

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kristkustoms 01-28-2003 03:16 PM

Is it the original material on the seat?

In a situation like this, you would remove the seat cover, split apart the area that needs to be replaced, sew in a new piece of cloth, sew the whole thing back up and replace it on the seat.

The reason i asked if it was original (34 years old), is that sometimes vinyl may look OK, but when you start to mess with it, it will crack or split apart. Vinyl can get sort of brittle with age. If it is the original material, I would plan on getting the whole seat re-upholstered. Chances are the vinyl is pretty fatigued, are should be replaced also. Put it this way, if a seat such as this came into my shop, we would only recover the entire seat. You would be looking at about $125-$150 to patch the seat, and about $300-$350 to recover the whole seat, plus materials. The way I see it, the extra couple hundred bucks is worth getting a brand new seat cover.

chevyman17 01-29-2003 05:33 AM

hey the original viynl is okay i checked it out yesterday, it is still strong and sturdy. i was just wondering? should i get a good seaet cover and just trow it on, or go the extra distance to keep the original showing, or beter yet find some saddle colored bucket seats from a newr vehicle, like a 92 and up chevy, im pretty sure that will work, i herd people say it would.

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