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Hey Torque454

Originally Posted by Torque454
I think you have a weak fuel pump. The reason it starts acting up at highway speeds is probably because it cant get enough fuel to run right. These old trucks with no overdrive turn some high RPMs on the highway and high rpm = high fuel consumption.

You probably had problems with the truck getting up into the driveway because it was cold. With the choke held open with the screwdriver the engine wont be getting a rich fuel mixture which it needs while it is cold, not just while starting. I have to start my carbed vehicles 2 or 3 times when its cold before they will even run long enough for me to rev them up. Then I have to hold them a 2000 or 3000 rpm for a couple minutes before they are warm enough to drive. Thats because I took the choke off of them... lol.

You will have to let the truck warm up a while before you can move it with no choke or a malfunctioning choke.
Damn, no choke? Lol! Why is that?

That the fuel pump might be to blame was my immediate assumption as well. But right now, I can't even get it to stay on to idle and warm up without having to pump the accelerator every few moments. It has a mean lopey idle right now(which sounds good but its not going anywhere ). I find myself siding with the other guys in thinking that the water and debris contaminated fuel is clogging the fuel filters, which is why the truck is starved for fuel. But the fuel pump can also be a part of the problem too.

But it is good to know what you go through when starting your truck in colder weather. I haven't used the truck long enough to say I know it well. But I can say, aside from struggling when starting, it ran pretty damn well, even in the heat of summer.
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