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Originally Posted by cobalt327
Have you had a vacuum gauge on this yet? If so, what was the idle reading and needle behavior?
Was a compression test done on this beast? Results?
Haven't hooked up the vacuum gauge to it, but I thought of that immediately after reading the passage I quoted. No compression test on this "beast" of a crate motor either lol, but I will be able to do that when I check on the plugs again.

Originally Posted by cobalt327
I hate to say it, but if the timing is right (or close) and the vacuum normal, etc., it may be time to go back into the carb...
Well, luckily for me, if there is anything I am now comfortable tearing into, its the good 'ol Q-jet. That's two votes for re-tearing into the carb.

I gotta mention that when the timing was done by ear last summer, the truck ran perfectly. No issues whatsoever with driving. I drove it to work and around the block and whatnot. The only trouble it gave was the occasional refusal to start, but that turned out to be only super-old battery and ground cables and weak battery posts, which were replaced.The truck still does that after having been started and run for a while and then shut off. It takes a few attempts to get it started again.

The two reasons why I never adjusted it by using a timing light last summer was because the timing light I bought turned out to be a dud, and I mistakenly thought that in order for me to adjust the timing properly, the truck had to reach the proper operating temperature. Since the thermostat was never installed while doing the "3-6 hour coolant flush", I never bothered with the timing, choosing to wait until the flush was done.

With that said, yes, the timing is definitely in need of adjustment. But I don't see that being the major issue, unless the timing somehow changed that fateful day of February 1st. I did mess with it yesterday by moving the distributor back and forth, which is when it was most obvious that the distributor needs to be reinstalled so it doesn't hit the intake manifold when being advanced. This may or may not be of any significance, but back when I originally did the timing in summer, I had the idle mixture screws turned out a full six turns to provide enough fuel.
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