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timothy9972 07-05-2012 06:42 PM

1980 Vette Brake problem
I am trying to fix the brakes on an 1980 Vette that had sat a while. When I got to it the master cylinder was bad and all the fluid and ran out the back of the master cylinder. So I replaced that, bench bled it, Started bleeding the brakes. Front bled out nicely and pedal started to respond. Got to the rear and could get no fluid out of the bleed screw. Also noticed the caliper was not moving. Unhooked the brake line to the master cylinder and was getting fluid to the caliper just not thru it. Removed both rear calipers and rebuilt them. Reinstalled on the car and now I am just getting a dribble of brake fluid to the calipers no pressure despite many many attempts at bleeding. Replaced the proportioning valve. Even blew the line out from the valve to the rear of the car with both lines unhooked to verify there is no abstruction. Ran out of brake fluid today. Tomorrow the only thing left is to verify the new master cylinder is pushing fluid out to the rear and blow thru that line down to the new proportioning valve. Am I missing anything?

LATECH 07-05-2012 06:56 PM

unhooking the brake line at the master does nothing to indicate that fluid pressure is being passed to the rear calipers. It just shows the master is making pressure.
What you should do is loosen the brake line fitting at the calipers BEFORE the flex line to see if you get pressure there. Once you do, tighten it down and check it at the caliper end.
Chances are the old flex hoses are collapsed and blocked.

timothy9972 07-05-2012 08:10 PM

I have disconnected the 8 inch metal line that runs from the rubber line to the caliper and I am getting no fluid to this point when pushing the pedal. So I took the line off the proportioning valve and blew thru the line with an airline. This blew all the fluid and everything out of the lines and both lines at both wheels had air blowing out them. Reattached the line to the valve and pushed the brake pedal and still am not getting fluid to the back of the car. So since the valve is new the only other option is that the line from the MC to the valve is clogged, the MC needs to be bled again or it is defective.

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