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Originally Posted by ChrisMiddleron

Starter module wiring:

Purple: Starter Output (+ Connect to vehicles starter wire)

**Do you Mean The Solenoid Engage Wire?? It's usually 18 ga Brown located on the Solenoid..this energize the starter..***

Orange wire: Accessory Output (+). (It says connect to the accessory wire coming from the ignition switch that supplies power to the heater/air-conditioner.) My Chilton only shows a ping wire going the the ignition switch.

**Depending on it's actual Draw, (20 amps or less) you can go directly to the ACC Buss of the fuse box...DO NOT USE this for things like starter engage or any other high current draw item***

Pink wire A: Ignition output (+). (It says connect to the main ignition wire that provides +12v when the ignition is on and while cranking the starter.

**If you Have HEI, you can find this wire at the distributer, the red wire going into the cap marked "BATT"**

I cant find any ignition output at all.

Pink wire B: Second Ignition Output (+). Connect to the second ignition wire of the vehicle.

I cant find this one.

**This wire will be located on the starter solenoid, at the terminal marked "I" **

Pin 6: Black/White wire: (-) Neutral safety switch input. (Connect this wire to the Park/Neutral switch in the vehicle.)

Does anyone know what color this wire will be?

** The Neutral safety Switch is located at the transmission and / Or the column Shift (depending on what you have, also if standard shift, you will have a clutch over ride involved..same side of the switch will have power, the other will not, in other than park or neutral..this is the wire you want.***

Pin 7: Violet/White wire: (Tachometer Input or high voltage sensor input wire.)

Does anyone know what color this wire will be?

**If you have HEI this wire will be next to the BATT wire on the distributer cap, white, marked "TACH"****

Pin 2: White wire: Parking light Output (+/-) Relay. (Connect this wire to the circuit that shows +12v or ground only when the parking lights are on and set the internal parking light relay jumper to the proper polarity.)

Does anyone know where this wire would be and what color it would be?

**Your on your own here..Different systems support different options..get a manual for yours and follow it..****

Pin 4: Grey wire: Hood Pin input (-). (It says connect this wire to the hood pin switch)

Does anyone know if the Cutlass's had one of these and where it would be located?

**Nope, maybe they mean the courtesy lamp under hood..that switch is at ground potential...*****

Pin 6: Yellow wire: (+) Ignition Input of the key cylinder to alarm. Connect to the ignition wire that provides a +12 v when the ignition is on and while cranking)

Does anyone know what color wire this will be?

**ny 12 volt switched source at the buss that does not lose 12 volts while cranking..OR to the HEI BATT terminal.****

If anyone could help me out on this id really appreciate it.

Get a Manual and let us know on the rest...

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