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Originally Posted by ljgriggs
I put a 1982 Chevy 350 into a 1990 K1500 with TBI. I used an adapter plate to mount the throttle body on the stock '82 intake. I kept every electronic component including the EST distributor except for the EGR and the knock sensor. The knock sensor did not work on the old engine and it had more power than this engine does. the engine that I put in had been rebuilt recently. The problem that I am having is when the throttle is opened quickly (such as stomping on the gas) the engine cuts out for a few seconds then picks back up but there is no power going down the road. The old engine was in bad shape and this new engine is in great shape but the old engine had more power than the new one. Things arent adding up for me so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

PS: Timing bracket is not on the timing cover and timing was set by ear and the idle is smooth as silk.
Without EGR the mixture at cruise is too lean. If EGR isn't there the missing volume is made up for with air. The computer has no way of knowing this without a chip change for a custom programmed unit. Engine as it is will idle fine and might even run good a WOT but in-between there's nothing but trouble.

How do you know the knock sensor didn't work, they don't announce anything when the engine hits ping they just tell the computer to pull the timing back which it does till there's no ping it can hear.

And of course you really don't know what the base timing is. Given the computer calculates timing on what it think's is throttle position, RPM, and manifold vacuum. If there's too much or too little base the amount the computer picks off the map could be in combination with the base setting too little or too much total timing either of which kills power.

These are things you;ll have to check out.

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