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Ok let me explain to you about the truck when I got it. I bought the truck cauese it had 150000 mile on it and got it for cheap. Figured it would be a good work/farm truck since I haul lots of fire wood. When I got it the fuel milage did suck very bad. I filled the tank up and got 70 miles. Ya crazy right. I had a brand new cam I bought in Feb. that was for low end torque so I decide to use this cam in this truck. I put the cam in put the engine back together and it still sucked the gas down. Come to find out the timing was off so once I got that corrected I get 300 miles per full tank of gas. Thats fine with me, its a truck. The guy who had it before the guy I got it from had headers on the truck. The guy I bought it from had factory exhaust put back on it. The exhaust he had put on it had an o2 sensor in it but it doesnt have the right plug to plug in to the truck so the connecotr is just hangin there. The correct o2 sensor was plugged into the truck and just hanging there. I took the correct one and stuck it in the glove box. The one that is in the exhaust (the one with the wrong connector) is welded on the exhaust. (stupid right). So I was going to cut both connectors off both o2 sensors and put the correct connector on the sensor thats stuck in my exhaust right now so it would be functioning. But I havent because the truck runs great right now. As I said in my last post I would like to switch to carb. I might even get better fuel milage, maybe not but besides I know I would get some power thats being held back. As far as I know I would have to change The distributor but other than that I dont know. Know I guess If I could get by with the TBI I would but a carb does sound like a better route. As far as what you guys are tellin me it doesnt make sense cause I know I have no egr and no o2 sensor but my truck runs like a charm. I have had my glove box out before but never paid attention to any stickers on it. I just thought it all looked normal. This is kinda strange. But what did u have to do to put a carb on your tbi setup.
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