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kentski 11-09-2001 07:08 AM

2.3L Turbo "Bonneville" car...need ideas.
We are looking to put together a "Bonneville" car using a 2.3L turbocoupe, any suggestions or "secrets" on building the engine will be appreciated. Your input may just help us to bring the "record" back to an American made car - as it should be !!!Come on wrench-heads, do it for the "U.S.A." thanks.

Phat 11-09-2001 07:32 AM

I know the SVO mustang of that area had some pretty good power . They were hand made engines . The 87 turbo coupe when i worked at the dealer changed the engine on a few to the SVO motor before the car had any miles on it cause they were having a problem and did not want to sell them to the public before they fixed it. So maybe ask around.Try asking Ford for some help they might just surprize you. I have a 90 supercoupe and was thinking the same thing ,why not a v-6 lux car with a blower cause thats all it is.Have had it to 160+ with a few tricks(16lbs of boost from the belt drive stock blower) . So its got to be able to go 200 with a lot of help and overdriven the blower with some big intercoolers,weight reduction. Hell the poor car has been stored for 2 years i never drive it but love it.You got my mind going(whats left of it) were do we get rules on classes and record number to shoot for. Its hard to test that stuff here on the east coast.Early sunday mornings and pray you dont get caught.(thats were the 160+ came from.police radar from a friend thankfully)

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