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Quote from OldRed.
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x711, From your discription it sounds like you have your dryer mounted on the tank? If so it will not do much good in that location and really should be located well downstream from the compressor itself or at least run the air through a cooler between the tank and dryer. There was a discussion here about water in the air lines just in the last few days.
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Well lets think about this for a sec and then follow it up with some hard
data. As the compressor runs it generates heat, this heat will condense
the air and the end result is water. Since water is heavier than air it
will make its way to the bottom of the tank and also into your air lines
espically if they are made of copper or brass.

So the idea is to keep water out of your air lines as you have to spray
with this air.

My dryer/water trap is mounted on the tank and coupled via brass tubing.
It basically hangs off the tank by about 6" or so.

Today I primed some parts over about 3 hours 65% of the time was used
to paint. I used a Finex FX300 with 1.8 needle made by sharpe.
The primer was well atomized and lay down smooth and flat. Alot better than
what you typically get from a spray can.

I measured the air temperature prior to starting. The ambient air was at 63
degrees F where the compressor is located, the actual air humidity was at

During the spraying the compressor cut on 5 times for a couple of seconds
over this period of time to re-charge the tank. "This did not hamper gun operation"

When I was completed I checked the tank and air/dryer for water.

The tank contained 2 tablespoons of water/oil. The dryer/water trap
contained 10 drops of water. I had not checked my air lines for water
since day one as I have been using the compressor about 3 to 4 times
a week lately. When I checked my 50ft air line I found no trace of water.

The results of the tank water check can be somewhat incorrect. Here
is why. Compressed air is getting forced through a small drain plug. This
drain plug will cool down with the passing air and thus condense right at that point which in-turn creates water.

I have no idea what others on here use for their air setup so I can only
comment on what I have.

What I have works! for me in my garrage setup.

Thanks X.
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