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onefastten 06-17-2012 07:48 PM

200-4r Problem
hey guys so basically i went to switch out my torque convertor on my 200r4 for a higher one,, i got the new one in went to drive truck and its acting like the t convertor is seized , now when i pulled it out to replace cuz i thought that was the issue i noticed the ball(check ball??) in the input shaft that goes into the convertor was missing .
question being if that ball was missing would the lock up clutch activate and make the truck stall when it goes into gear or just get a new torque convertor

im not sure if the ball was missing with the first convertor or if it came out while putting this new one back in.

does anyone know what might be going on ?

Thanks Jordan

SSedan64 06-22-2012 03:10 AM

It wont cause the TCC to lockup if it's removed/missing. It will cause a much firmer & quicker TCC engagement.
Are you sure the TC you removed was a Lockup model?
The checkball capsule is normally removed when switching to a Non-Lockup TC.
If you install a Lockup TC into a Trans that's been converted to use a Non-lockup TC it will Lockup any time the engine is running.

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