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2004 Hemi V.S. 2004 R/T

OK, this thread isn't even 1/2 as cool as I made it sound, but it's still kind of cool. I never post here about my Strat R/T cause' it's not exactly american muscle, but my other forum has a kill section where you can post about current drag races and I figured I'd share this one over here.

Well this last weekend I was at the usual illeagal drags here in Boise and there was a car salesman in his 20's who worked at the local dealership. The dealership let him drive an 04 HEMI ram for the weekend to let the public see it and want to buy one. Anyways, all night his brother (who drove a 90's talon, WOOHOO! ) kept telling him to race my R/T just because it would be cool, not to mention the whole aura of what's in a name. The HEMI v.s. The R/T, just sounds really cool, plus they're both 04's. So by the end of the night, and after I beat a few cars, not to mention my buddies 95 Mustang GT(whole different story+high mileage car, not bragging) he says Ok. So we line up, and everybody out there is like, that R/T is gonna get smoked! He dosn't stand a chance! That truck is gonna kill him! etc. I wasn't even going to be ****y in the least bit, because I thought the HEMI ram's were was faster then the R/T's. So there I was....we staged, stalled them up, and screeeeeech we were off! I pulled by a few feet when I grabbed traction and started to pull a bit, then by second gear he started to pull forward by me. Midway through 2nd, I was looking at his passenger door, then my car started getting top end and I went into 3rd as I began passing him. I hit 4th right before the 1/4 and beat him by like a fender length!!!!!!! Ok I know 1. Maybe he couldn't drive 2. Maybe it was the traction 3. you get the idea. I know that there is a big chance that that HEMI should've beat me, but hey a win is a win! I talked to the guy and he said that it was an automatic and that he couldn't make it shift at high enough RPM's, and I do have a 5speed, but he was cool and gave me some credit for hitting my shifts just right. All the ricers were amazed, and for the night my car got all the attention of a car that really is fast. HA! little do they know it runs, maybe 15's. Too the local ricer's 15's is like a 12 or 13 second car is too us, though. Earlier that night I whooped an extended cab 5.9L R/T ram or dakota sumthin, I don't know if they're quick, but it was another win that sounded cool.

So, yeah my lowly Stratus R/T beat a HEMI. I know these aren't super fast cars, but I am just happy that I got one chance in my lifetime to say I raced a HEMI and beat it. Being the chevy guy that I am, it made me giggle
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