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fatherandson53 09-28-2003 09:18 PM

220v mig welder extension cord?
I just got my new welder a mm175 and was wondering if anyone new where I could find a 50' extension cord at a reasonable price? Lowes did not have the male or female ends I need or I would do it myself. I have found 25' but, not 50'.
Is 50' going to lose power? I would like this so I can move it around my shop without having to install 2-4 new 220 outlet.

78 monte 09-28-2003 10:11 PM

What you'll prolly have to do is buy the wire and install the ends.If its in a garage get SJO cord(it'll be stamped on the side of the wire),its oil resistant.Best thing would be just install a plug on one end and a steel box with the outlet on it.Make sure to ground the box.If its three wire ground to the neutral.If its 4 use the regular ground.
One thing to note if your outlets aren't allready there,if your going to be inspected by codes,you have to install 4 prong 220 outlets(2 hots,1 neutral,1 equipment ground).If there allready there and three wire(2 hots,1 neatral) its grandfathered.
As far as lossing power any run over 100' starts dropping voltage.If your 220 outlet is a ways from the panel you may expierience a voltage drop with the 50 extension on top of it.If you wall oulet is not allready tere it might be wise to up the wire size one.#8 for 30A etc...
Hope this helps

Also Lowe's is pretty generic as far as what they stock for electrical parts.I'd try a local electrical supply house they'll have anything you can need. 09-28-2003 10:25 PM

I have used a 4-wire no. 10 cord for years, bought it off the roll. installed a 4 plug on one end and a metal box with 2 outlets on the other, one 3 prong one 4.

s15laynrubba 09-29-2003 07:01 AM

302 Z28 09-29-2003 10:43 AM

Your best bet to get good quality wire is an electrical supply house, ask for SO cord (flexible) and give them the amperage of the unit so they can size the wire properly. You will find that better quality wire is cheaper by the foot than pre made imported extension cords at Lowes.


bullheimer 09-30-2003 01:16 PM

what is posted above is what you need to do. go anywhere you have to go to get #6awg or at least #8 copper cord and probably to an electrical supplier to get the ends you want. the end. one note tho since i am a journeyman electrician. while it is now true that since the 1999 or 2002 code came out that all new electrical outlets for ranges and dryers have to be 4 prong, i.e. have a neutral. it is not true for any other 240 outlets or appliances. especially welders, and water heaters. these still can be installed with 2 hots only and a bare or green ground. the reason that ranges and dryers need a neutral is because of light bulbs and computers that run on 120 and create an unbalanced load. welders and water heaters dont have these so you only need a three prong plug. so you need a cord with a green, black and red. this will save you some bux. late:pimp:

fatherandson53 09-30-2003 02:37 PM

I think I will follow your guys advice and goto the local electrical supply shop. I did already give them a call and the said it would run around $150.00 including the ends. Don't you think thats a little high? Maybe I am wrong but, I thought that was a little pricey for a homemade extension cord :confused:
But, if thats my only option I guess that's what I will do.

bullheimer 10-01-2003 02:37 PM

aaiiieee chihuahuah!!! my price at my supplier for SE0 10-4 cord, which wouldnt be big enough for you, was 67 cents a foot. i can always get stuff cheaper at lowes home depot. get what you can there.

johnnymopar 10-01-2003 02:45 PM

$150 sounds ridiculous to me. not sure what the prices are like in the U.S. but up here in Canada 8/3 cabtire is probably only $4-$5-/meter and your ends should only be around $10-$12. you want a Eagle 42 male plug or Leviton #931 which can be made for 30A or 50A 3wire plugs. need to know what your blade configuration is for your receptacle. on my welder it is only a 30A circuit but it has a 50A male plug on it. 30A/250v will have 2 horizontal blades and a ground, 50A is 2 vertical blades and ground.


fatherandson53 10-01-2003 09:30 PM

Thanks I picked up the male and female plugs now I just need to go get the 8/3 wire and my boy and I will be ready to weld in our crossmember:thumbup:

Kevin45 10-03-2003 11:03 AM

Get the cord from Lowes, ends from a electrical supply house.


302 Z28 10-03-2003 08:39 PM

Wow, that is awfully high. I bought 75 feet of 4/c #10 SO cord for $31.00 at our local electrical supply house for my generator, they are trying to rip you off.


fatherandson53 10-03-2003 09:05 PM

Thanks Kevin. And Vince I think your right .
-Mario and Tyler

ole bull 10-04-2003 06:45 AM

make your cord longer
one thing you might want to do is go into the welder and wire the cord straight into the welder. it will delete the cost of one end and also the pain of haveing a plug to trip over, the rest of the info from others here is right on the money, just a thought from an electrician. good luck with your project.

fatherandson53 10-04-2003 07:12 AM

Good idea thanks for input Bull :thumbup:

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