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'23 T info

When you order your axle from Mas, phone your order in. That way you can talk to the shop Foreman so he knows exactly what you want. The hair pins go to a bracket below the frame. Space is tight on a bucket frame so you don't want to put any more between the rails than you have to. For this reason the 'vair steering box reversed on top of the rails works the best. I assume you are thinking about an 'A' spring for the rear? This works well too. The arch in the spring clears any rear end you want to install. The one draw back is even with every other leaf removed, they ride a little hard. But that is just the nature of the beast. Coilovers will give a better ride, but I personally don't think there is that much difference.After all, your not building a Mustang.The aluminum tank looks great and there again Mas sells a good one. If you go this way, do yourself a favor and lightly sand the tank to smooth out the brushed finish. You don't want to take it all the way to a smooth finish but it is really rough. just knock it down a bit and then shoot some clear over it. It's much easier to keep clean. It's hard to give measurements on the amount of kick to put in your frame because so many things need to be considered. I like to see the rear end set on the same plane as the main rails. To do this, I have 2 pieces of angle iron about 2' long with 2 holes drilled 3" apart for a 3" muffler clamp. Attach these to the bottom of your rear end housing with wheels and tires on it and tack the to the bottom of the side rails just forward of the kick. This gives you your ride height. Now fab your axle spring mounts and gussets, set the pinion angle, tack the spring mounts and gussets, and install the spring. Now take a piece of tubing to use as the rear crossmember and cut it 1/4" shorter than the width of your frame. Next if you are using 2x3 tubing, cut each end of the cross-member back 1 7/8", leaving the back side of the tube at full length. These tabs will box in the end of the side rails and help add some strength to that joint. OK, now fab the spring mount and tack it to the rear cross-member. The rear spring should be mounted so it is 90 degrees from the ground. For that reason don't fab your spring mounts gussets yet. Next measure from the top of the angle iron to the bottom of the rear cross-member. this is the amount of kick up you need. The next step I prefer to do on piece of cardboard. Layout the end of the main rail with the 60 degree cut. Take the amount of your kick and layout another line that far above the top of the side rail. This gives you the length of the piece to cut for the kicks. This piece is also cut with 60 degree angles on both ends. The Mas alum. tank is 10" dia., so you'll want to cut the short top rail at 10". Fab the spring mount gussets and there you have it. Add the hairpins and the rear end is ready to weld up. Remember to tack everything and skip around when you weld it. I hope this is clear enough for you to follow. I'm NOT a tech writer or a typist. Almost forgot, Under the seat is a n excellent place to put your wiring panel and battery access. Glad I can help! Youngster.
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