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dorksrock 06-01-2005 04:16 PM

'23 t bucket frame plans???
hey there! im planning on building a t bucket and as i was looking at the frame it lookes pretty simple to build. i have all the tools to do it right. my question is does any one have or know of a place where i could find some plans for the chassis? it would be a great help!


Centerline 06-01-2005 05:10 PM

Went to hijacked site
Ask and yee shall recieve. [URL=http://***********************[/URL]

dorksrock 06-01-2005 05:58 PM

thanks so very much! your my hero, along with alice cooper, teddy rosivelt, winston churchill, and ted nugent!

Nightfire 06-01-2005 09:00 PM

How bout somep pics of your ride?
By the way I have a 1919 model T truck roadster body that'll go on a homebuilt 2x3 frame.
And heres also an awesome link to a page that show the build-up of a home-made frame and t-bucket.
I dont like the T he built that much, but all the pics and info is very helpfull.
Another good site is
They have some good tech articles in there for example here you'll see them all. Lotta stuff on frame and steering geometry.

Have fun,


dorksrock 06-05-2005 11:36 AM

ill get some up as soon as i get started on it. im planning on putting in a flathead through a saganaw 4 speed, and then into a banjo rear end. its gonna be finberglass tho, but oh well! i really dont wanna pay 2500 for the steel when i can get the glass one for 1/4 of that. im planning on painting it black w/ red wheels and red/green pinstriping that im gonna do myself. im thining about doing my own interior with white and red vinyl tuck & roll. iv put it down on paper and drawn a few sketches of what i kinda want. ill keep everyone updated on how it gose over this summer, as I have it off (like all other highschoolers). ill put the sketches of it down in a little later today.

don74 09-05-2005 02:04 AM

re:'23 t bucket frame plans???
Would it be to much to ask ,to have the '23 t bucket frame plans reposted.

Thanks, Don

shine 09-05-2005 06:24 AM

i have the complete front suspision from the texas t for sell. we changed it to a hiedts. it is on my web site under kaska's texas t. complete down to spring perches. it was an old total performance plan bought in 68.

timothale 11-11-2007 10:11 PM

T bucket plans
I bought a set of plans 10 years ago from California Custom Roadsters and built 2 chassis. they worked good. I have 3 Jag rear ends left in the shop, sold one. jag prints are part of the package. I am taking a street rod class at Utah Valley State University. Senior cost is only $105 ...reg kids pay over a grand.. about 10 of us grandpaws in there working on our cars . the college has a fantastic shop and the panel fab instructor can hold his own with covell, tinman and the other well known builders.

Youngster 11-12-2007 05:16 PM

'23 T bucket frame plans
I' m looking at retiring here next July. Sure would like to see something like that here in Minne-snow-ta! :D

footballou 09-09-2008 11:40 AM

23 t bucket frame plans
Hey Centerline would it be possible to get that web site for the plans for the frame? I can't find anything!

techinspector1 09-10-2008 02:49 AM


footballou 09-10-2008 06:50 AM

23 frame
thanks! I checked out the site as well as CCR and they have frames plans to purchase.

ponyboy21 07-17-2009 09:38 PM

Could I get 23 Tbucket frame plans
Anyone got any frame plans that I could have for a 23 bucket. Thanks.

timothale 07-18-2009 05:51 PM

free T bucket plans
go to the tbucketeers web site and there find youngster's plans and down load for free ... Ted Brown is a regular there He was the driving force behind CCR when it first started ....most plans won't have radiator mounts. clutch-brake mounts .. battery box. or fuel tank . seat belt mounts...that depends on what you use. good luck ..

RPM 07-19-2009 07:28 PM

here is a link to youngsters frame plans.

also check out

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