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backyardracer 03-12-2012 02:53 AM

I got this engine from a kid that had it in a mid 70s camaro he said it had no power when you got on it. He said it had a stall in it I dont know what the stall was but any how i got it off his hands for $150

I got it home and started to pull it apart to see just how worn out it was and it looks great in side still has the honing marks in it with l2148 pistons there 30 over and have a mild dome on them not to sure on who makes them.

The cam in it was a lunati 00010 seems abit big for what he had but i think it will work out well for what I want

stock steel forged crank ground m10 r10 and I can not tell who made the rods I cant find any gm marking or any real casting marks on them maybe stock reworked and it looks like all of it was balanced

I think the big problem with his setup was the head he had what looks to be a nicely rebuild set of 350 heads casting 624 that seem bad I dont think it could have had any real compression

I have a set of 305 head with what I believe have 53-55cc chambers been rebuild with 1.94 intake valves and some porting

It's going to be put in a 914 porsche dose any thing stand out to any one to be bad or do you think the setup will work and what would the red line be on a engine like this i was think 6500-7000rpm but i could be way off

thank for any replies

backyardracer 03-12-2012 03:15 AM

it will be a manual with pretty short gears i'm going to be using the stock porsche 901 trans just not going to get stupid with it the car only ways 2500 pounds and I really I will cc the heads to day and see for sure what they are

backyardracer 03-12-2012 08:09 PM

dose any one have any info on how high this engine should rev or where i should limit it at ive read lots of mixed opinions and need some more info on it
i cc'ed the head and there right around 53-54cc's

backyardracer 03-13-2012 11:41 AM

the head casting number is 14022601 and they look to be blended well and the valve guides reshaped there is no casting marks left in any port

the 901 gear ratios
1st gear: 2.643
2nd gear: 1.600
4th gear: 1.318
4th gear: 1.080
5th gear: 0.926
Ring and pinion: 4.43

i think they will match up well and the car really dose not way much at all
tires are fairly small I would say about 16" is all with light rims I almost wonder if its not going to be to much engine

also not sure on what intake to use I wanted to use my edelbrock rpm but I have a victor if need be


backyardracer 03-13-2012 07:33 PM

I also have weiand x celerator intake what should i use for this setup

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