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Just check any junkyard, there should be 300's in any 60's, 70's,80's and 90's F series pickups. Bad thing is in the carbed version, they only had about 130 HP give or take. EFI versions had about 165. A lot of torque though. That engine is tall though. don't know if it will fit under your hood. Especially the EFI version. The intake manifold is huge on these engines. And it had the bell housing pattern of the 302 and 351 W. If you are going to swap the tranny anyway, the V8 option is much simpler and gains will be much more. You could swap in a 2 barrel 351 Windsor and you would realize such an impressive gain over the 200. Hell, swap in a 5.0 EFI out of a crown Vic. Those engines are dime a dozen also, they you could have multi port fuel injection for cheap. I did this very swap in a 66 Bronco, going from a 170 to the speed density 5.0 from an 87 Cougar. I had less than a grand in it, including the wrecked donor car. And wow what a difference!!! Sorry about dropping the v8 idea, but the logic of since the 302 was in the car, a 300 must fit too, is not correct. The 300 was never a car engine, always a truck, and they hood height and length is there. Plus that speed parts for the 300 are pretty spendy. But , good luck with your endeavor.

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