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ron lameira 09-02-2007 09:41 AM

302 heating up and stalling
I have a 302 with a edlebrock carb & flame thrower distributor. When car reaches 190 degrees it shuts off when rpm drops to 1000 or at idle. Is thisr distributor problem or a vacuum problem?

red65mustang 09-03-2007 04:24 AM

the way you worded the question is confusing to me....

if it starts and idles ok cold in park....
then it just dies at idle in park once it does get up to full temp, but will run in park at 1200+....
fair to good chance your fuel pump is putting out less than 3 psi at idle once it does get hot.......(it is a "pusher pump" so if the pump check valve allows bleed back, due to a weak spring or dirt when hot.... it won't build psi)....
so then there's not enough pump pressure at idle to keep the float check valves closed...motor just floods out with the floats open
max psi for the Edie is 5.5....
a clogged filter can be making it worse

to test your pump psi, you need (to borrow?) a low pressure scale guage (0-15psi approx) and buy a barbed "T" fitting so you can put the guage into the fuel line with a piece of hose at the carb....a really good pump check valve will hold the psi for 5+ minutes with the motor turned off (new parts are crap today and most new pumps won't hold pressure for more than about 1 minute)

re-write your question with more info????
can be other causes...60%+(?) chance (with your info) it is the pump

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