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31ROC 04-21-2012 04:39 AM

'31 Model A door upholstery & carpet
Hello, I am new to the hotrod scene, and wanting to know where to start for finishing an interior on a 31 coupe...I need door panels, and carpet. Is there a supplier for the door panel materials? And is there a molded carpet for this Model A hotrod? Would like a headliner also....
Thanks in advance....

John long 04-21-2012 06:02 AM

Don' think you will find carpet or headliner pre-sewn for a hot rod.

I like to use 1/8 PVC sheets for my panels. The last I bought was 22 dollars for a 4 X 8 foot sheet. May have gone up a bit by now.

Search the interior forum. Dan TwoLakes did an excellent thread on this very subject. Go to the Interior Forum, then Tutorials, then Door Panel Tutorial for some good instruction.

John L

DanTwoLakes 04-21-2012 07:41 AM

If you want to buy carpet, pre-cut panels, and a ready made headliner for a Model "A", those things are readily available.

I have a '31 model "A" in my shop right now that is being done all original. The problem is that each one of those cars was hand built and doors and roofs changed from car to car, so door panels and headliners that fit one '31 Model "A" might not fit another '31 Model "A". For example, the measurements between the wooden bows that support the headliner can be very different from car to car.

That being said, I can help you with any interior parts you may need, just PM me.

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