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318 Surging, stalling


I have a 1989 Dodge B-250 Van, it used to run great until recently when it started running poorly in the cold (30F) early mornings. Sometimes it idles fine and just stalls, doesnt choke or sputter, just shuts off. If I keep the RPM"s up it stays running. in the mornings I have to pretty much floor it to get it moving, the motor seems to backfire(exhaust gets deeper), sputter for about 4 or 5 seconds and doesnt really make the van move then it kicks in and runs like it should at WOT. My check engine light doesnt come on, but a Check EGR light has been on for I don't know how long. Anyone know if this can throw a code that I could read? I have replaced the Throttle posisition sensor as well as the EGR valve which I had to buy from the Dodge dealership, because the ones from Autozone and Kragen wouldn't fit correctly. The EGR light remains on even after pulling the battery cable for 10 minutes. Is that enough? Also if I start the motor with the MAP sensor unplugged it runs exactly the same as it does w/ it plugged in. It just idles fine for a few seconds, then start changing RPM,s sometimes dropping to about 500 or so, maybe less, it gets really close to dieing, then comes back upto about 1000, then levels out, then sometimes just dies. Could this be the MAP sensor? I tested for 5v at the A and C points and watched it drop as my rpms came up then, the voltage came back up to between 4.5 - 4.90v.

Thanks for any help.

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