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Originally Posted by demarques_191 View Post
i had a guy who told me that the best engine to race would be the 327 and he said he could build it to whoop a 350 or any other engine.. so what im asking is... is this engine really that capable of 'whooping butt'. Me personally i'd rather have the 383 or a 400sbc... What are your thoughts?
Serendipity. In a theoretical since there's no replacement for displacement.


In the real world often the relationships and dimensions of component just don't work together, one could think 312 Y block Ford as an old example. Other times you just hit it. The 327 was one of those times, it seems the 4 inch bore in any engine is a gift that allows valves big enough to feed the cylinder. To me it's almost a magic dimension; it's hard to think of a poor running 4 inch bore motor from any manufacturer. Sure you can load 'em up with emissions and mess them up, but generally they've proven to be a family of well, if not superlative, performance engines.

All 327s have a good rod length to stroke ratio, the performance engines got forged cranks; they also got well proportioned to slightly large ports, big to bigger valves, high compression dual quench heads. Just a lot of stuff that works well together.

But against an equally prepared larger engine like the 350 the 327 and 302 for that matter need to have a drive train that adjusts for their need to turn more RPM for equal power. So the end result is as much matching the vehicle and driveline characteristics to the engine’s characteristics.

One has to keep in mind the primary driver behind engine size evolution is the need for more torque to move grocery getters, sell these is what pays the bills over at GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Performance sells to pretty small crowd so even if mom and pop came in to the dealer on Monday following some big national raceway win the preceding Sunday; it was more likely they left with a 250 horse 327 in a station wagon than a 360 horse 327 in a Corvette. So the performance arm of the company most always makes due with what's up for mom and pop production. So as the 283 was a torque search over the 265, the 327, 350, and 400 were from the same intention on the part of Chevy; more torque to cruise more weight and power consuming gadgets.

I won't even comment on some the stuff they went to in the interest of emissions like 262 or 267, these tiny bore motors are attempts to use Voodoo to solve engineering problems and everybody went down that road to the same end.

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