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Originally Posted by ap72
I hope you didn't order these heads already, nor the cam. Stock vortec heads will not give you enough compression, the chambers need to be cut down and they're a thin head to begin with.

If money is tight id go with a set of the 210cc 56cc chambered procomp heads. And then get a solid cam with face oiling lifters, or at least grooved lifter bores.

Thin casting vortec heads are good if you can pick up a complete used set for $100, but they are NOT a performance head. The small port bowtie vortecs would work well but they're not cheap.
Typical half-baked reply in an effort to come off as the expert. What info do you base your compression needs on. Vortec heads are 64 cc chambers. Depending on deck height, gasket used, piston type his CR will be perfectly adaptable to the XE-274 cam. Perhaps you could point out where any of the above specs of his engine were stated? If he has pop up pistons then his compression ratio is 11.25 to one. Guess what? The XE-274 isn't enough cam then. To the OP, here is an excellent website edited by two of our most accomplished and respected members that will tell you how to decide what cam you need. This site should be about education, not just spouting off numbers trying to impress.

Perhaps you could also explain how you can justify even suggesting 210 cc intake heads on a 327 for this engine? Did he say he was driving on the street or racing this car? He didn't say either, so you're just shooting from the hip and recommending a port size more conducive to upper rpm range is irresponsible to say the least.

Or your next contradiction blasting the original vortecs for not providing enough compression yet saying the Bowtie Vortec heads would be good. Even though they have the same size chamber?

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