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Lifter spin...

Hello stitch626,
Given that the original oil spec for the 3.3L V-6 was 10W-30 SG, and I went to 5W-30 SN, where would you say that I stand? I expected to use regular petroleum oil and was ok with the viscosity difference but did read that the ZDDP on SN spec oil may have lowered the ZDDP. The SN spec supposedly covers the now obsolete SG unless I don't understand the rating system or the oil dudes aren't telling the complete story.

I know there are additives to bring up the ZDDP but most things I read moan about affecting the overall oil performance by screwing around with additives. Since SG is an obsolete spec now and was superseded by SN, what would you run in a 3.3L V-6 with flat tappets?

The typical person in such a case might just move on to 10W-30 and get the SN spec standard oil unless it were pointed out to him that some other grade with a better ZDDP level were known.

What would you run in this motor given that it is driven in a moderate way and has no modifications and has 60K miles presumably having always been run on 10W-30 SG?

Thank you for the tip on lifter spin. I suspect the oil spec dudes roll in a lot of trade-offs and don't presume that too many people are still messing around with older cars or actually using them to get from point A to point B.
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