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350///357 build

What are you afraid of? There is not that much to it. All you have to take apart is the short block. Is your motor on an engine stand? If it is roll it over with the crank up. Look at the main bearing caps to see if they are numbered. 1-5. If not buy an engraver and start at the front and mark each cap. Take a picture when done. Now check the rods to see if they are numbered for each cylinder. To keep from getting mixed up use a marker and number each cylinder on the outside of the block. If the rods are not numbered start with #1 cylinder engrave 1 on the rod and the cap on the side facing #1 cylinder. Do the rest the same. Take a picture when your done. To start disassembly turn the crank to bring up #1 & #2 pistons. Remove the nuts. Tap on the side of the #1 cap and wiggle it until it comes off. You will need a piece of 3/4 dowel rod about 12"-15" long. You will also need some 3/8 rubber hose. Cut 2 pieces long enough to cover the rod bolts. Use a hammer and the piece of dowel rod and knock the piston from the bore. Watch the rod to make sure you do not scratch the cylinder wall. Once the piston is out bolt the cap to the rod with the bearings in them. Do the other seven the same. When your done take a picture. Now if the oil pump is on the motor remove it now. Get a gallon size baggie to keep the oil pump and bolt in. Take a picture before and after removing the oil pump. Next remove all the main bearing caps and set aside. Remove crank shaft. Take a picture before and after removal. Stand the crank on the flexplate end in the corner of your bench or someplace it will not get knocked over. Bolt the main bearing caps back to the block. Keep the bearing in place. Do not mix up. Take the crank and # 1,2 7,8 pistons and the block to the machine shop. Get it milled whatever it takes to get to get a .040 quench. IMO I would take the least amount of metal off. There are .015 gaskets that can be used. Also Cometic make gaskets starting with .027. GM has a .028 head gasket I think. Figure the compression ratio you want to have. If you mill it to .010 and use a .030 head gasket your compression will be 10.218 and 8.390. STOP BUY the PISTONS that will give you a 9.5 compression ratio. KB142 D-Cup 18cc will give you 9.525 static compression ratio. Compression ht. is 1.561. Zero deck the block and get a set of Fel-Pro .040 gaskets. Do the decision making before milling. When you get it back get a repair manual. It will have all the information to install the crankshaft and pistons back in the engine. You will need a torque wrench and some plastic gauge to install the crank. The torque specs are in the manual too. If you can't find them do a internet search.

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