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we2nutsinahouse 06-14-2002 09:38 AM

350 chevy engine
can anyone tell me what year 350 engine this is .The water pump that I replaced on it was for a 69-70 corvette . The engine is in a 39 ford . this is the engine number V0905CRX from the block

78 monte 06-14-2002 11:08 AM

Hey this is me-1-nut-in-a-monte(OK stupid but I had to say it) Any way I looked up the # in a 75-81 MOTORS book. CRX was a 1975 nova 350.This is the # off the water pump tab.Somtimes they used the same block in many differant years so it could be an earlyer block.I know mine CMJ came in 74-like79.In everything from impala to corvette.Try looking in other old MOTORS books.I dont think chiltons have block#s. This the way I do it to get an idea.

HotRodF100 06-15-2002 02:50 PM

You need to get the number off of the drivers rear bell housing to help narrow it down. Even with that number, they use the same ones over and over and even mix 302, 327, and 350. Heres two websites to help with your search:

Good Luck

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Tom 06-15-2002 06:45 PM

on the rear of the block there will be a casting number,something like 3970010 then there will be another cast number probably on the right side that will read something like this A 15 6 this is the cast date this one meaning jan 15 1976 or 66 the block cast number will tell decade.The first didget is for months and are alphabetical and GM did not use the letter I the second is for the day it was cast,third is the year,cylinder heads have the same code cast into them,and is located between the valves under the covers,on the heads there is also a secquence number so you can tell how close the heads were when cast(most hipo engines have consecutive secquence numbers,but not always)then there are the cast numbers in which the last 3 didgets usually are used to identify the 261s,882s or186s.the numbers you took off the front engine pad says it was made in flint and the CRX could be anything

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