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mackyLS6 03-15-2005 03:02 PM

350 crank with BB snout
Hello friends,

I am about to start building a sbc 350 motor and my intentions at this time are to install a 6-71 blower on it; its just something I've always wanted to do.
I told the machine shop about my aspirations just to prepare the motor in case I actually bolt on a blower.
The machine shop suggested a forged crank with a bbc snout since blowers have a tendancy to exert greater forces on the crank snout.
My question now is: Does anyone have parts info for this crank, ie; timing cover, timing set (gears or chain?), and balancer ( 1/4" keylock)?
Thanks for your input.

camaroman7d 03-15-2005 03:30 PM

I have never personally heard of a small block crank with a big block snout. Your machinist is correct a blower can put a lot of added stress on the crank snout. Since SBC snouts are pretty small, you will want to run a short water pump (this keep the pulleys, etc.. from hanging out too far and creating more stress). What I chose to do is run a crank hub and no balancer/damper this allowed me to get rid of a lot of weight on the snout. Call a few blower shops and get some input before you buy any parts. I personally don't think you need a big block snout, if you have a good strong (forged) crank and keep the stress to a minimum.


56Maynard 03-15-2005 04:01 PM

You didnt mention the intended use. Street or Strip? If you are gonna race it, you can get a crank support and a large snout.

At any rate, check in with RBS Superchargers and ask for JR. He will set you up and he's honest.

mackyLS6 03-15-2005 04:42 PM

Thanks guys for responding. I'll take that advice and call some blower shops and ask about some setups.
56Maynard, sorry, my intended use is for the street and some show'in off. I will definitely check out RBS superchargers.
Camaroman7d, My machinist referred to the snout as a BB snout, but in some of the catalogs I've seen they refer to it as a 'large snout', typical of the cranks used in stock car engines. Thank you for the info on the crank hub, another option to look into.
Thanks again.

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