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54 Chevy 09-07-2003 09:13 AM

350 kickdown adjustment?
Ive got a 327sbc, 350 trans, 3:08 gears, moderate corvette cam, stock convertor, B&M shift kit.

When I'm crusing in 3rd gear and I mash the go pedal the car kicks down and it will do a 3rd to 1st shift. It will rev up pretty high and bark the tires shifting into 2nd and then quickly shift in to 3rd.

Should it do a 3rd to 1st shift? I'm a bit worried about over reving the motor. The barking of the tires is pretty cool (1st to 2nd shift) but why doesn't it stay in 2nd longer? If I manually shift things I get the results I'm looking for. If I only partially jump on the gas it will do the expected 3rd to 2nd shift, but its a fine line between two positions and you never know what your going to get (said Forest Gump).

The kick down was adjusted by sliding the cable in all of the way and then pressing the gas pedal to the floor.

Any ideas or is this normal?


Jason 09-07-2003 07:01 PM

You can adjust it forward a little more.
What rpm does it shift at wot. It could need a governor mod or a change in shift valve springs.
This will happen if your kickdown comes in at the same time or right before the governor is trying to force a wot upshift.

54 Chevy 09-08-2003 06:54 PM

I adjusted the cable position by two clicks and it shifts pretty predictably now. I only get the 3rd to 2nd shift I expected no matter how hard I smash the throttle to the floor and I now shouldn't need to worry about over reving the motor.


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