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Originally Posted by Stormtrooper View Post
Drive some today and I have a few more symptoms. It afterfires off idle with a load. But when I punched it on the way home it backfired out the carb. I'm still down on power. I think im going to adjust my valves on the driver side. And adjust the secondary's to get then to kick in soooner. May solf carb backfire problem. I just don't know witch way Is witch on the adjustment screw.
These could aslo be symptomatic of the time set wearing out, timing chain stretch and gear tooth wear. As these parts wear the cam starts to fall retarded to the crank's position. The engine looses power, always needs the timing readjusted, tends to back and after fire. A seeming miss that goes away at cruise but is present at idle and WOT can indicate the cam has a wiped lobe/lifter. These are failures that send you adjusting everything else but seemingly you can never get the engine to run right. An engine when everything is operating properly doesn't require constant attention unless it is a really high strung motor with a lot of cam timing and compression. Those type engines loose a lot of power from tiny wear issues so you're always making adjustments. But a regular production engine should go many tens of thousands of miles without much if any attention. So when they start needing constant adjustment it's usually a sign that big things inside are no longer correct and it's getting time for serious repair or replacement work.

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