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67camarokid 05-28-2006 03:54 PM

350 Pistons?
Just alittle ? im not for sure about but in Jegs or any car magazine they have 350 pistons in there but do not have 327. im not for sure but are 350 pistons the same thing as 327 pistons. just diffrent rod length. thanks any help i would appreciate...thanks Allen 05-28-2006 04:03 PM

MOST 350 pistons have a bit different skirt design than 327 but ALL 350 pistons have a different pin height than a 327. 350 pistons in your 327 will have the piston WELL below deck and about 5.4-1 compression ratio..

Any of the aftermkt dealers can get 327 pistons, just have to be ordered and cost much more than 350's. Low production/demand= higher cost.. A fact of life in the automotive world..

Blazin72 05-28-2006 07:13 PM

Open up a Summit catalog, they have several listings for 327 pistons. Some are hypereutectic and others are forged. Listed compression ratios are from 7.65:1 to 11.86:1. Should you choose to order a set you'll want to calculate your compression with the actual parts you will be using. The listed ratios are merely guidelines.

DoubleVision 05-28-2006 07:23 PM

Speed Pro has a hyper piston with a flat top 2 valve relief, with teflon coated skirts all over Ebay for around $170, I think dirt track thunder carries them also. Thing is, be careful of what kind of pistons you get, if you buy the common cast "rebuilder" pistons, it`ll have .020 off the compression height, then when at top dead center, the piston will be .045 in the hole, this pistons kill compression, quench, and power.

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