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You will find the balancer goes on a lot easier if you first heat it up for about 20minutes in a big pot of boiling water on the stove.
Use kitchen oven mitts to handle it.
Install hot. It will go on easily. When it cools the press fit is restored.

How do I know this? 'cause I have done it. Just like I have actually done
the home porting hop up on the 305 heads.
And built real performance street engines that go fast.

This is not something you $$$ someone else to do.$$$
Thats the opinion you get from arm chair internet experts that have to pay
someone the do everything for them.
This is the type of opinion you get srom someone who has never ported any heads let alone the 416's.

Ya do it your self. You only pay the machine shop for the machine work you cannot do yourself.
And it is very cost effective.
And performance effective.

I have also directly compared the ported 416's to vortecs and stock 882's on the same motor in the same car. For the total $460 I spent the heads rock.

For the $300 some you say you spent, yours will too.

Every set I have done and then sold off (with a full performance satisfaction garrantee) Has never come back. "If it don;t do what I say it will just bring them back"

Now I wish a set or the engine they were on , did come back.
I need another set for a up coming project. LOL

many other people have done this with very good real performance gains
especially for the money spent.

2.02" valves don't work well in these heads.
The 1.94x 1.60 valves work about the best in these heads.
Yup they need a generous amount of porting.
The as cast port volume is actually larger than than many stock SBC heads.

Get your car together and report on the performance.

The best thing to do to source a usable set of these heads or any other heads ( Yes there are others I like to use)
is to find a set on a running stock motor. Buy the whole motor or buy the whole car.
Usually the stuff you see for sale (eg: kijiji) is junk and or way overpriced.

I even got as set out of a dumpster. Right after my friend thru them in there. (broken top of valve guide boss)
I think I had $225 total cost in that set including replaceing the valve guide. LOL. Sold for $750. The guy could not give me the money fast enough.
When on a low budget 400sbc for a 55chev. I insisted when I sold them that if they did not workand perform , bring them back for a full refund.

These heads typically flow in the 230-235cfm range when done right.
The lowest I have gotten is 225cfm. The highest 242cfm on these heads 1.94x 1.60 manley valves.
Some I have blocked off the heat risers in the ex ports , some not. That works good.

One day, just for grins, we flow test compared one of my sets to a dart 180cc iron eagle head.

208cfm for the dart 234cfm for the ported 4416 heads .
$800 +shipping for the darts $460 total cost for the 4416's done.
My friend was sick.
I wanted him to buy vortecs.
yes there are other heads to buy. Yes ultimatley a good high cost aftermarket head will make more power
than these. But for the money invested they are hard to beat.
The time is just time you would otherwise waste on internet forums like this.

I am interested in getting a set of bare procomp 210's and working them up myself.
But the cost will be higher for sure. The cost of just the bare casting will be higher than the whole complete cost of reworking/porting the 416 heads.

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