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stackitup_91 10-17-2012 11:51 AM

350 SBC Build..
hey . am brand new to this site, i have some questions about a build that i am in the process of Building. i Wanted to know how much horse power you all will think i will be at with this combo and any advice about the cam that i am using, compression is at 9.8-1
I Have a 350 bored .40 over
Comp cam 292H, (501/501) Lift
1.5 ratio Roller tip Rocker Arms
VORTEC HEADS 64cc(with the Reccomended Beehive Valve Spings)
Edelbrock RPM airgap Intake
Flat top Pistons
Eagle Connecting Rods (Standard Length 5.7)
700R-4 trans with 3000 Stall Convertor
650 Edelbrock Carb
373 Rearend Gears
and hooker headers 1 5/8..
Thank you and responces are appriciated..:cool:

bigdog7373 10-17-2012 01:07 PM

Bout 350-380. It will be nice.

ap72 10-17-2012 01:09 PM

get a smaller cam. much smaller cam. you'll pick up mileage and power. That combo works well with a 268 Voodoo or XE cam, you can also go with a solid flat tappet cam for a little more power and valvetrain stability.

stackitup_91 10-17-2012 06:19 PM

ok thanks,that 380hp would be good i wanted to be at 400 though or a little above..
what would i have to do to get this motor at 400-425 range?

techinspector1 10-17-2012 06:36 PM


Originally Posted by stackitup_91 (Post 1600209)
ok thanks,that 380hp would be good i wanted to be at 400 though or a little above..
what would i have to do to get this motor at 400-425 range?

Here's a similar motor that I Dyno-Simmed a while back....
355, L31 heads, flat tappet hydraulic cam, stock rail rockers, some head work for better springs.
In this build, I would be interested in spending the least amount of money as suggested by the OP. In that vein, I would use stock rail rockers. Lift is under a half inch, so I would think the rr would be OK. Since I'm not sure that all locks locate the valve tip the same, relative to the top of the retainer, I would welcome input from others about using a (-0.050") lock (that's what's listed above.) to insure the valve tip sticks up far enough above the retainer so that the retainer top surface doesn't get loaded by the side rails of the rail rockers.
Bore the block 0.030", use these or other 12cc pistons w/5.7 rods: [4].
Makes 9.6:1 static compression ratio. Cut block decks to zero and use a 0.040" head gasket.
Use XE274H Comp cam (Cam card: [5]), installed at straight up.
Comp 981 valve springs/ 750-16 retainers/ 630-16 keepers and stock 1.5 rail rockers. 1.250" springs should be OK because the cam is a moderate grind, hydraulic flat tappet.
Narrow the O.D. of the guides to less than the I.D. of the damper spring and cut for PC-type positive seals.
Cut top of guide for 0.550" play from bottom of retainer to top of *guide seal. Pin the pressed-in rocker studs with this kit: [6].
Performance Distributors 12720 HEI, custom curved: [7]
Edelbrock RPM Vortec intake mounting a 750 vacuum secondary carb of your choice. Edelbrock, Rochester 5 psi max at the inlet, Holley *6 psi max at the inlet.
Performer RPM Vortec w/natural finish: #7116, w/EnduraShine finish: #71164, w/polished finish: #71161 -OR-
Look for a used manifold on craigslist to save a few shekels.
Long-tube 1 5/8" headers with X or H pipe right after the collectors, 2 1/2"/2 3/4" pipes to the rear through mufflers of your choice.
Use 2500 stall converter, shorter rear gears.
2000 138 364
2500 176 369
3000 224 392
3500 281 421
4000 331 435
4500 370 432
5000 402 422
5500 405 386
6000 375 328
Peak dynamic compression ratio 8.16:1 on KB's calculator.
Peak volumetric efficiency 97.2% @5000
Peak BMEP 184.5 @4000

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